Lung Institute Makes Life Easier for Patients and Yield Positive Outcomes

People living with chronic lung diseases find it very hard to lead a normal life. It is challenging for them to do some of the things that we take for granted such as walking, enjoying hobbies and carrying out simple chores around the house.

There is always a restraint for such patients lest they make their condition worse or affect the quality of their life. However, with the promise of the Lung institute and testimonies of people like Herbert K. the institute can help patients breathe easier.

The use of COPD has helped patients like Herbert K enjoy doing simple yard chores without any serious health risks. Earlier, he had experienced a lot of shortness of breath, which left him depressed as he was unable to do simple chores.

His wife, Barbara had a tough experience watching her husband’s suffering unable to do anything for him. When she heard of the Lung Institute, the two decided to try the stem cell therapy treatment for COPD. After two months, a pulmonary function test revealed that his lung capacity had improved significantly. Herbert explains his joy in being able to do the things he used to do before the diseases since not being able to do them has a mental effect on a person.

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About Lung Institute

The lung institute is among the best in regenerative cellular therapy geared towards curing lung diseases. Diseases commonly dealt with include chronic obtrusive pulmonary disease, interstitial lung diseases and pulmonary fibrosis. The Baylor College of Medicine based organization is known to have treated more than 3000 patients. Studies conducted by the institute also reveal that 84.5 percent of COPD patients treated by them have registered an improved life quality since they received proper treatment and care.

The Lung institute in Tampa opened in 2013. From this first one, there are different lung clinics being operated in different areas including Tampa, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Dallas and Scottsdale. All the treatment offered at the institute is from cells that are obtained from the patient’s body. No embryonic cells are utilized. The aim of the institute is to improve patients’ life quality. For more information on stem cell treatment, visit