Rocketship Education Continues to See Big Things Coming

Finding a good educational option for your children is an extremely important responsibility that is shared by all parents. Due to restricted budgets in many school districts across the country, many public school systems are not able to provide the resources that are needs to provide a student with a good educational experience. This is especially true if a student begins to fall behind in the classroom and has a hard time catching up to their classmates. For those that are looking for a better option, one great decision could be to attend a charter school.

Charter schools are unique educational options that provide a range of different services that may not necessarily be provided by this public school system. Furthermore, charter schools tend to have more funding per pupil from outside sources than the public school system does. If you are looking for a charter school education for your kids, one great option could be Rocketship Education.

Rocketship Education is a charter school brand that has been in business for more than 10 years. The idea of Rocketship Education actually began well over 20 years ago when a group of teachers from the Oakland and San Francisco area partnered up with a group of public administrators and other professionals that were looking for a way to provide an alternative education style the students. While it took them a long time to formalize their concept and raise the capital necessary, the group finally opened up their first Rocketship Education location in the Bay Area in 2007.

Since opening its doors in 2007, Rocketship Education has continued to be one of the best regarded Charter School options in the country. Well it started small, it has seen a lot of growth over the past few years. Today, the school program has 16 different locations that are found throughout the state of California as well as in some other major Metro areas including Nashville, Washington DC, and Milwaukee. Overall, the school system has more than 8,000 students that range from Pre-K through 5th grade and have a range of different education needs.