Whitney Wolfe Reveals Successful App Bumble

Changing Online Dating

Online dating simply isn’t the same anymore thanks to the likes of Bumble. When she first proposed the idea of Bumble people were skeptical at first, but it was clear that it was going to be a success. Now, you can find more than a million users of the app and they are using it to create hundreds of millions of hookups. This is a success story of epic proportions, but its origins are surprisingly simple when you take them into consideration.

Her Success Story

Originally, Whitney Wolfe had her start working at Hatch Labs. As the creators of Tinder Hatch Labs has one of the most respected names in tech, but she wanted to step out on her own and create her own legacy. This is where the idea of Bumble first began. There were plenty of dating sites, but they simply didn’t offer something that empowered women and allowed them to decide exactly how online dating would go. This is what Bumble is changing. When a woman decides she wants to date a particular man, it all begins with her move.

An Empire In The Making

Bumble is changing the world around us by giving us a chance to understand exactly what people want in their online dating apps and how to make sure that women feel safe using them. There is hardly any sexual harassment in Bumble and that can be attributed to the model used by the company. Bumble prevents sexual harassers from initiating contact and without the ability to do that they are essentially rendered useless. With millions flocking to the platform it remains to be seen what will become of it in the end, but the future appears to be quite bright for Bumble overall.