OSI Industries is one of the top one hundred private food processing companies in the United States and has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. They are a global company with sixty-five locations in seventeen countries.

You may ask, “Why is OSI Industries in the top one hundred?” The following reasons will answer that question:
1. They have some of the best chefs who are experienced in creating original food ideas and offering the best food products to various food service industries.
2. They are a cost-effective company and exceptional in getting the word out about their new food ideas.
3. They establish partnerships and listen to the ideas of others to create top-of-the-line custom products.
4. They are known all over the world.
5. They hold the highest values and perform all aspects of business with integrity.

OSI Industries employs twenty thousand people in all of their facilities. They hire people that are passionate, enthusiastic and motivated as well as want to work as a team to offer the best service to customers. OSI Industries wants everyone to work together to create an environment that benefits all. Employees need to be able to deal with any concerns their customers may have and provide solutions for those concerns. There are over eighty-five jobs available at their locations in the United States. There are also career opportunities in Germany, UK, Poland, Hungary, Spain and in Asia-Pacific.

In 2016, OSI Industries won the Globe of Honour Award by the British Safety Council, a leading Health and Safety Organization. They received this award due to their outstanding way of managing environmental issues and by receiving five stars in the council’s environmental management audit.

OSI Industries has been in business since 1909. The current Chairman and CEO is Sheldon Lavin, a person who is totally involved in all aspects of the operations of the company. He has been key in the expansion of OSI’s growth internationally, Spain being one of them just recently. Since the expansion in Spain, they have gone from producing twelve thousand tons of chicken products to twenty-four thousand, doubling the output.

Due to their outstanding leadership, OSI Industries will strive to continue to be profitable and keep their high standards of meeting the needs of the retail and food service industries everywhere for years to come.

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OSI, world leader

OSI group has been around since 1909. Since then, the company has grown from being a local food supplier in Aurora, Illinois to being the leading supplier of value added foods in the world. OSI sells food to food services and retail brands. Their product portfolio include: products for breakfast, side dishes, lunches, entrées, desserts and snacks. Over the years, they have built a reputation for themselves by providing its clients with high quality products.

As their reputation and client base grew, OSI opened up more offices across the globe. This helped them increase their presence around the world. They also acquired companies that deal in the same industry and share in their vision. So far they have acquired Baho foods, Tyson food industries and flagship Europe. These acquisitions have not only helped them have a greater presence around the world but also enabled them to widen their product range. In addition to the increased product range, they also have been able to penetrate markets that would have otherwise been difficult to penetrate.

Being a fast growing company, OSI has exposed its employees to competitive working conditions. Since the company is expanding fast, there is always room to move to the next level. This promises the employees growth in their careers. It also invests in the latest equipment in the market to ensure that their services are always top notch. As a result, OSI employees have the opportunity to train themselves in using some of the best equipment in the industry. This helps them better their skills as individuals and makes them very marketable in the job market.

Other than making profit and providing good work conditions to their employees, OSI has the environment at heart. More than just feeding the world, OSI is determined to keep the environment safe. For this reason, right from the boardroom level to the retail shops, OSI has integrated environmental management in every stage of its leadership. This enabled them to enter the Globe of Honour environmental competition. To successfully compete, they had to obtain a five star ratting with the officials at British Safety Council’s environmental management audit scheme for a period of over six months. This was to help determine the effectiveness of their environmental management policies. Having satisfied all the requirements of the competition laws, OSI was awarded the globe of honour in 2016 by the British Safety Council. Talk of giving back to the environment.

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The Kind of Services That OSI Group Provides

OSI Group is a full service food processing company that prides themselves in not being a “corporate behemoth.” They feature a nice, down-home style and seek to stay true to their roots. Much like when founder Otto Kolschowsky was looking for a new way to process meat over a hundred years ago (with the result being this company), they continue to strive to operate under that same entrepreneurial spirit. They still have that same old fashioned belief that even people with the most humble beginnings can make a world of difference.

It was this commitment to food processing and safety administration processes that led the company to receive a 2016 Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council. To even be considered for the award is a prestigious honor, because a company has to achieve the maximum amount of five stars in the British Safety Council’s Environmental Management Audit. This attention to detail is what makes people proud to say they are an employee of OSI Group.

This honor was given because the OSI Group was able to demonstrate to an independent panel of experienced and highly trained experts that they had impeccable environmental management throughout all of their facilities – shop floor and boardroom alike. The OSI Group also prided itself on being able to meet one of the core criteria of the group, which was placing environmental safety on the same footing as health and other safety factors as well.

You see, the management at the OSI Group realizes that in order to have a company run as well as theirs they need strong leadership from the top. Yes, you can legislate compliance, but are you going to get the employees’ hearts into it? Probably not. However, if you inspire them to strive for the very best, you will not only get a company that wins awards such as this one but an organization with good employee morale as well. That is something we can all get behind, and definitely something to be proud of.


Sheldon Lavin’s Amazing Impact on Society

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and President of OSI Group. OSI Group is the main global supplier of food items. The OSI Group, LLC is an agency that consists of OSI Industries, LLC and OSI International Food with set ups in seventeen countries that hold over seventy buildings.

During his education years, Sheldon Lavin went and got his degree then not long after he started to focus on accounting and finance. He then joined and led a prosperous financial consulting firm before he joined with Otto& Sons, in the 1970’s, which was the forerunner of the OSI Group. Lavin labored closely with food organizations to obtain finance for increase. Because of this Lavin got the opportunity to become apart of the food products company and eventually became the head and CEO of OSI Group. Lavin ended up having 50% of control over the company and then 100% when pne of the partners of the group decided to retire.

Sheldon Lavin took the company to new heights during his time in leadership. It started of as a local, family business and became a worldwide known establishment that has given employment to over two hundred thousand people in all of the facilities across many countries. OSI has reached up to six billion in earnings and has made a name for themselves by being one of the top fifty private firms worldwide.

Sheldon Lavin received many awards through out the years for his hard work and dedication with OSI Group. He was given the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy recently in 2016. The Global Visionary Award is an award that focuses on honoring people who do amazing work by their donations and help within humanity through their dedication to reach their goals. Also a year later in 2015 he was awarded for his devotion to serve the Chicago business community which he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from RSM US LLP.

Not only does Sheldon Lavin gives his all in his work but he also makes a great amount of time to support charities. Lavin has been an active participant in the Ronald McDonald House Foundation which is a nonprofit charity that supports kids programs that help with increasing the health of children and the over all well-being of children. He is also apart of the Jewish United Fund, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago and many more other organizations and charity’s. This is just amazing confirmantion of the great affect and positive impact that Sheldon Lavin has and has had on our worldwide society.


An Insight on OSI Group

OSI Group is considered to be one of the most prominent firms serving in the industry of food and beverage. This prominence has been achieved through offerings its clients with food products that are value added. OSI Group provides meals which range from breakfast, desserts, side dish to snacks. Most of the products produced by the company are protein items like pork, hot dogs, bacon, processed chicken as well as pizza among others. Based in Aurora, OSI Group was first launched in 1909 and has ever since undergone a lot of growth and development. The company has been existence for a very long time and has over the years continued to improve the quality of their products and customer service.

Initially, the food company was referred to as OSI Industries but later changed to OSI Group in the year 2004. Currently, OSI Group has created employment opportunities for more than 20,000 employees. The company was ranked position 136th in the list of Forbes’ America’s Largest Private Companies in 2011. Over the years, OSI Group has been able to maintain its position as a leader in the industry of food and beverages and is known for its provision of meat merchandise of the best quality. Immediately after being launched, OSI Group became the sale distributors of meat to the newly opened McDonalds. After McDonalds grew to become one of the big restaurants in the country with many units opening, so did OSI Group. The company offered fresh beef patties to the restaurant to make their signature beef burgers.

Currently, OSI Group serves some of the most popular brands in the world such as Starbucks, KFC, Subway and McDonald among others. In 2016, Forbes listed the food company as position 58 on its list of the America’s Largest Private Companies. OSI Group has extended its capacity by acquiring manufacturing companies. Recently, the company acquired Baho Food which is a Dutch private company involved in the processing of meat products. Based in Netherlands and Germany, Baho Food has 5 branches which are Henri de Bilt, Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience and Gelderland Frischwaren. The acquisition of Baho Food has enabled OSI Group to expand its business, especially in Europe. OSI Group also acquired the Tyson Foods Plant in June 2016. Based in Chicago, the company made different meals for the industry of hospitality. Tyson Foods Plant made items such as crepes, meatballs, soup, omelets, sauces, tempura, as well as chicken bleu.

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Healthy Tasty Food Products-OSI Group

Ever since the inception of OSI Group, it has been expanding their portfolio in the food industry and has been doing it by acquiring other food companies all over the world. OSI purchase foods firms which have the same mission, values as well as goals as theirs. OSI is an international company and it has maintained its status by providing quality food services as well as retail brands. In 2016 the organization recorded tremendous growth with them expanding their food processing operations to other parts of the world. According to the group’s President David McDonald, the group has been thirsting for growth and not only in their capacity but also in delivering quality food products. OSI Group has suppliers who have been helping them distribute their products. With the partnership the group has, OSI has been able to give their clients what they want.

OSI provides both organic and natural food which is tasty and healthy. As the President of the firm, David acknowledges the efforts that are made by the Chief Executive officer of the firm; Sheldon Lavin. Lavin has been able to help the food company to expand their services to other countries. OSI has their operations in over 16 nations worldwide. Forbes has listed OSI Group as one of the largest food companies in the world. With the recent acquisition of Tyson Foods plants in Chicago, OSI is defiantly the largest in the world. The company has been dealing with food items which include; pork items such as bacon, beef, poultry as well as vegetable products. OSI has expanded their business in Europe providing new products which include; marinades, sauce, dressings, chips, peas to sandwich fillings as well as frozen poultry. According to David, their expansion to Europe indicates their broader presence in other continents as well. Baho is one of the food companies that has joined OSI in expansion to Europe Continent.

OSI Group is a privately owned company with its presence in America. When it was established, the firm was processing meat products and distributing to food services as well as retail brands. The food processing firm has their Headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. OSI is the largest food processing firm in the United States which is privately owned and they are devoted to deliver quality, affordable and reliable services as well as products. The food processing organization is dedicated to provide custom made food that is healthy and maximizes their clients’ opportunity. OSI has over 65 facilities across the world in 17 nations, and employing over 200000 individuals.

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OSI Group’s Incredible Leader, Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin holds an important leadership rank as the CEO as well as chairman of OSI Group. The company is involved in processing foods, offering products such as cooked pork and beef, sausages, hot dogs, frozen and fresh meat, bacon, and much more. Sheldon has a great education background having focused in accounting and finance. Sheldon has worked in the meat industry for an extended period having years and years of experience. His career began in the banking industry as an investor, and he even got the opportunity to own a financial consulting firm. Later he started working for Otto & Sons as a finance organizer in 1970. The business at that time was a small shop which was selling packaged meat but grew when they were chosen by McDonald’s to supply hamburgers. The enterprise opened another branch which was focused with the hamburgers only. Sheldon’s contribution was significant when it came to the company’s growth in size as well as in profits.

In 1975, Sheldon was now an important person In Otto & Sons, and he even got more involved in the transactions that were made by the company. He later became one of the partners when Otto Kolschowsky retired and left his sons as part owners as well. The company was changed to OSI Group, and Sheldon was asked to join the group as he had been an excellent and valuable resource for the firm. With Sheldon’s hard work and determination the company grew and expanded. It spread to areas such as Spain, Mexico, Taiwan, and even in the States. OSI Group an excellent reputation which gives their consumers a sense of security when they get to know that the products are safe and clean.

In 2016, Sheldon received one of most prestigious awards in the world, the Global Visionary Award. The award is given to visionaries who can turn dreams into reality by being patient and consistent with their hard work. Under Sheldon’s leadership, the company as a whole has also received various awards such as the Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council in 2016. OSI group was honored for having the best strategies for dealing with environmental risks. Sheldon continues to make OSI Group more attractive and fruitful.


Sheldon Lavin: Leading OSI to new heights

Forty years ago, OSI Chairman and CEO Sheldin Lavin began his journey into the meat industry. Prior to his time with OSI Group, he was a well established investor and held an executive position within banking system. Sheldin Lavin has previously owned his own financial consulting firm. Sheldin Lavin has always been focused on winning and his focus continues to be successful. He has been climbing the ladder of success in all the industries he’s stepped foot in, his entire life. OSI Food Services claim to fame was its work with the McDonald’s company. Once Sheldon Lavin took over the company, he led the company to new heights and expanded the company into a global supplier of food products.

Because of his visionary work with OSI Food Services, Sheldon Lavin was given the Global Visionary Award, presented by India’s Vision World Academy. Sheldon Lavin has revolutionized OSI Group from being a domestic food corporation into a worldwide multibillion dollar food foodcorporation, operating in 16 countries. The award is given to those who show perseverance and persistence when it comes to accomplishing their dreams.

Sheldon Lavin was responsible for OSI Group’s acquisition of Tyson’s production plant in Chicago, costing $7.4 million dollars. The acquisition was perfect, since they had a major facility nearby. The new plant offers an enormous amount of storage. In 2016, OSI acquired Baho Food, which distributed convenience foods within the Netherlands and Germany. The Baho purchase, gave OSI and Lavin a greater presence throughout Europe and a broader reach to include deli meats and quick snacks to learn more about us: http://interview.net/interview-with-global-icons-food-executive-sheldon-lavin/ click here.

OSI Foods expanded into distributing frozen convenience foods throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Sheldon Lavin started with OSI Group over forty years ago and has continued to grow the company into something bigger than most in the industry could ever dream of. Sheldon Lavin has strategically planned out all the ventures and acquisitions the company has been a part of. Sheldon Lavin has turned OSI Group into a company focused on green innovations. OSI Group employs more than 20,000 people around the world. Sheldon Lavin has said he has no plans of retiring anytime soon.