Cassio Audi – Greatness through Time

Who can say they’ve never heard the name Cassio Audi? The legend. The genius. The star. Cassio Audi is heralded as one of the biggest stars to come out of Brazil. Early in his life, he formed the band known as Viper. His teenage friends practiced for hours on end together perfecting their sound. It was hard work and it would all be worth it.

Viper went on to create great sounds from their new form of music called heavy metal. Their inspiration? They studied American and European artists such as Iron Maiden, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, and Slipknot. Cassio perfected his sound as a hardcore drummer. His speed and precision defined his music. Behind the guitars and lead singer, Cassio became a star. His drumming set a hard pace that defined the sound of the band. During shows he could be seen getting so into the music that he lost sight of the crowd, it was like no one existed but him and the music. It was this very dedication that launched the group to greatness.
In 1993, Viper was invited to play in Club Cittá in Tokyo, Japan. They rocked the house. Later, they would release a record inspired by this show called “Maniacs in Japan.” As time went on, the group released their debut album. It was well received by fans and critics alike. The album’s title was “Soldiers of Sunrise.” And while this was the last album Cassio Audi appeared on, it was his greatest. The album is one of the favorite heavy metal albums for Brazilian fans. Cassio has left his mark on music as a man of greatness and excellence. His sound is branded in the halls of greatness alongside his idols throughout history. When listening to his music, make sure to turn the sound all the way up to high.

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NuoDB puts the power of SQL database systems in the cloud

Traditionally, computing has always been a trade-off between the power of features and the ease of use for the end user. This has long been a serious problem in business applications, such as SQL databases, where the user oftentimes had to have an extremely sophisticated understanding of SQL systems and the administration of relational databases in order to make even basic queries.

But with the advent of advanced artificial intelligence, this has begun to change. NuoDB has created an SQL database that is completely cloud-based. While operating in the cloud has a number of fantastic benefits over legacy systems, one of the most impressive features is the ability of NuoDB to deploy robust artificial intelligence algorithms across all platform features, allowing for people who do not have advanced computational knowledge to make the same kinds of sophisticated queries that were previously only possible for those with advanced knowledge of information technology.

Extremely powerful computational platforms that are also easy enough to use that they only take a few hours for the average end user to acquaint themselves with the system are now becoming a reality. In the area of SQL databases, NuoDB has made this come to life, apportioning the power of world-class analytics to all businesses, large or small.

Cassio Audi’s Amazing Time of his Life

According to most people, it can be assumed that Cassio Audi had a super fun time in his early life. Currently, he is in the financial world, but back in the days, Audi was in the music industry. Cassio started his music career as a drummer, and he formed a band. The group was called the Viper Rock Music band with four of his other friends that is, Felipe Machado, Yves Passarel, Pit Passarel and Machado Andre. The band’s start was a hustle, but as time went on, they began to make some hit songs. Cassio’s career started off on a good note, and this was because he was a drummer. He also had the will to take the band to greater heights.

Cassio transformed the Viper Rock Music Band to a marketing brand. He did market the band till they were performing on a few stages and they blew the minds of their audiences off. Cassio was super talented with the drums, and according to several sources, he would have become a great star in the music industry. The band had made a mark all over Brazil, having released some hit songs, for example, Princess from Hell, Killera, and Nightmare. The group widened their horizon and started performing in several stages around continents such as America and Europe.

Cassio was also involved in composing songs for the band, and in 1987 the band released their first album with the help of Cassio. The album was labeled the Soldiers of Sunset. The album became a massive success for the group as it made the band be recognized as rock music artists. The journey did not stop from there, and another album was released in 1989. The album was named Theater of Fate, and it gave Cassio more recognition as an incredible songwriter. After the second album, Cassio left the music world and joined the financial one. Cassio Audi is still remembered for his great songs together with the band.

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Paul Mampilly and Sound Investment Advice

     For many people it is important to save money and grow their wealth over time. This can be done in a number of ways such as with investment portfolios, savings accounts that provide interest payments, mutual funds and much more. This is not only a way to provide personal financial growth but it is also a beneficial process for the country’s economy. Paul Mampilly is the founder of Campuchin Consulting. His financial experience and advice is sought by many professionals and investors in the industry and he makes many valid points regarding investment opportunities and benefits.


Some people don’t agree with investments due to the fact that the money is technically raised by the working employees of the invested company, causing the stocks to creep up. The investor, in theory, doesn’t have to do much else than invest their own money in other people’s labor. Regardless, investments are incredibly important as these investors go hand in hand with the workers. The fact of the matter is that workers can be investors as well and many corporations give their employees stocks as an incentive option.

Companies And Investments

Successful companies utilize investment funds as a way to invest in their own business. This capital can be used for a number of uses such as paying new employees, purchasing new equipment and investing in new research and development. Not just beneficial for the company involved, these investments can lead to new technology and new developments that benefit the consumer market as well. The end result really is a well functioning financial market that everyone benefits from.

It is important now more than ever to invest money and time in new technology and the future. Investment opportunities pave the way for entrepreneurs to enter the market and change industries with their new and fresh ideas. Following the advice of Paul Mampilly as well as other financial advisors and professionals can help you grow you financial portfolio and better understand investment opportunities. This will also help pave the way for new business developments and inventions which will change the world entirely.

Alexandre Gama Breaks New Ground In Brazilian Advertising

     It is rare for an individual Brazilian advertising specialist to have such an impact on the world around us and impact the global trend-making sectors as Alexandre Gama has done over the course of his three-decade long career. Not only has Alexandre Gama set out to become one of the leading Brazilian advertising executives, but he has also developed a career that has allowed those who follow him into advertising and marketing in his native country of Brazil to gain a foothold on the global stage; Gama has built an impressive career that has seen him become the first Brazilian advertising specialist to give a masterclass on his discipline at the world-renowned Cannes Film Festival.

Alexandre Gama believes Brazilian culture is of the greatest importance in his own life and the lives of people across the planet; the founder of the Neogama advertising agency believes the protection of Brazilian culture begins with the preservation of many of the skills the nation has become known for. Among these skills is the playing of traditional Brazilian guitar, a talent being lost among the latest generation of the nation who have been targeted by his VIOLAB Foundation offering videos and tutorials to keep this tradition alive.

James Dondero Helps Bring Hippos Back to Dallas

James Dondero is one of the founders and the current President of Highland Capital Management. The company operates out of Dallas, Texas and supports charitable organizations by donating millions of dollars each and every year. Not only does Dondero support these organizations through financial donations but by following his leadership, executives of Highland Capital have provided invaluable counsel that has helped strengthen the internal infrastructure of the same organizations they have financially supported for so long. Following almost 5 years of labor and planning, the Dallas Zoo was able to fulfill their mission of establishing a functioning 2 acre hippopotamus exhibit thanks in large part to the philanthropic support by Dondero.

After over 15 years without the hippopotamus, the Dallas Zoo has received enough demand and support in order to bring the natives of Savannah back in their care. The 2 hippos that will be on the display in the hippo exhibit are a male named Adhama and a female named Biopelo. Their exhibit boasts a 120,000-gallon pool, a hippo barn with more pools inside, an underwater viewing gallery, and a ridge above the exhibit that displays a herd of Okapi. Highland Capital’s donation of a million dollars was allocated towards building a lodge for the hippo exhibit that will feature educational information and will be able to host private events. Donors like Dondero’s company have received recognition from Dallas’ mayor, Mike Rawling, who believes that the hippo exhibit’s construction would not have been possible without their support and has noted Dondero’s philanthropic efforts as an inspiration to him. Dondero’s philanthropic work has extended outside of the Dallas Zoo by influencing other significant organizations like the American Heart Association, the Centre of Brain Health and even the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

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Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero – Just Who, Exactly?

     Let’s be perfectly honest here: The Mexican media does not lie, at least not always though it has been known to tell the occasional white fib. Nonetheless, media presences, like those in Mexico, need renowned men and women of honor to stand tall in the face of injustice and oppression while saying, “Long live the truth, and long live my country”. Thankfully for Mexico, it has one such leader, and that exceptional role model is known as none other than Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero serves Grupo Televisa well. It is an S.A.B. company. It is perhaps one of the world’s biggest.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is thus grateful. He gets to work with a top media provider. He serves his country well in it.

Since the fight for truth has become so blatantly difficult to assess, especially now more than before, it thus becomes essential for one to take everything in with a grain of salt as they say in the U.S., thereby discerning the good from among the bad but listening to all things in their perspective. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero does this very thing and encourages all media participants, even his own opposing countrymen and media rival watch dogs, to do the very same – holding that we are all human beings in the sight of God, after all, and that we must all do what is the right thing to do in each circumstance though other media agencies will further attempt their little white lies.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero knows this, and he knows it darn well: Politicians and media leaders often appeal to money rather than the emotions. As such, they take advantage of many a poor citizen. He does not do this but does his best to hold all fully responsible.

Sawyer Howitt- The Young Entrepreneur Who is Making Headlines

     In 2011, a report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce showed that individuals born between the years 1980 and the year 2000 had opened 160,000 new enterprises every month. Approximately 27% of millennials are not employed but rather run their own businesses. This shows that millennials are more interested in entrepreneurship than employment.

Howitt’s Business Acumen

Sawyer Howitt Entrepreneur graduated from Portland’s Lincoln High School, is a classic example of the number of rising stars in the country. He understands the operational and financial requirements of running a prosperous business. He has innovative ideas on how consumers may be able to interact with brands effectively. Howitt is also zealous when it comes to customer service.

Howitt’s Philanthropic and Leisure Activities

Howitt is not only business-savvy; he is also a good person. He has shown his soft side through his donation to charities, championing of women’s rights, and operating youth mentoring programs. In his leisure time, Howitt likes to go fishing and to play racquetball. He has plans to join the University of California (Berkeley).

 Sawyer Howitt’s Achievements

Sawyer Howitt’s got his first job at the age of 16 years. He served as a customer service representative at “Kure Juice Bars”. It was in this post that he got to learn the importance of customer care staff in a company as they are the faces that many clients see when transacting with the company.

In 2015, Sawyer Howitt joined Meriwether, the company that his father founded. He was hired to the position of a business strategy analyst. Howitt has worked with executives at Meriwether with the aim of revolutionizing retail via “Radio Frequency Identification” or RFID Checkout technology. With this technology, the way consumers interact with retail store staff will change completely. Instead of a consumer queuing to settle their bill with the cashier, the store will have sensors that record what items a person left the store with. The consumer’s credit card will then be credited with what they have bought and all this information will be stored on a smart phone application.

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David McDonald of OSI Group

     David McDonald’s career at OSI Industries begun after he had finished his college education and worked his way through the ranks to become its President and Chief Operating Officer. Mr. McDonald was born in northeast Iowa State and was raised on a family farm. In 1987, he graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. Trough his hard work and commitment to excellence he has been able to bring even greater success to OSI Industries.

As the president, he is involved with important decision making such as strategy making, and as a result of this, he has helped the company to coordinate local operations and global logistic team effectively. Through this effectiveness, the company can keep up with both local demands as well global markets for their products. This has helped the company to record good profits year after year while maintaining a high degree of quality product and services.

David’s oversight at OSI Group, LLC, has led to its expansion to other countries all over the world. This has been enabled by the acquisition of other food companies in these countries allowing it to penetrate new markets easily. One recent example was the purchase of Baho Food in August 2016 that enabled the company to grow its market share in Europe.

Baho Foods has five subsidiaries and processes its products in both Germany and Netherlands. This was a significant investment by the company, and Mr. McDonald went on to say that Baho’s range of products and well-known brands would go on to complement the products offered by OSI Industries. He also went on to say that this would broaden OSI’s capabilities in enabling them to serve the rapidly evolving needs of their customers best.

With continued management and guiding experience of David McDonald the OSI Groups’ future looks bright and is bound to even more success in the coming years.

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Paul Mampilly’s “Profits Unlimited” Continues to Grow

     Former hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly continues to see success for his newsletter, “Profits Unlimited“, as its subscriber list crossed over the 60,000 mark. The paid newsletter, started in 2016, aims to offer the opportunities of wealth-creation in the stock market to main-street investors. Mampilly, a Charted Financial Analyst (CFA), delivers his eight-page newsletter monthly to his clients, in which he recommends a specific stock. The newsletter is a publication of Banyan Hill, an independent publishing institution focusing on investment newsletters and research reports. Tracking the investment performance on Banyan Hill’s website, 12 of 15 of Mampilly’s picks currently show gains, resulting in a doubling of the S&P 500’s performance over the time of the newsletter’s publication.

Mampilly has earned a loyal following after winning the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition during the throes of the economic crash in 2008 and 2009 by recording a 76% gain on $50M invested. Before that, Barron’s called the hedge fund that posted 26% annual returns under his management the “World’s Best”. That fund was just part of his success in the management space, as he helped attract over $5B to Kinetics Asset Management while managing several hedge funds as well as assuming other roles at the investment firm.

After leaving active management, Mampilly moved into publications, writing for Agora Financial and Common Sense Publishing before moving to Banyan Hill. In addition to Profits Unlimited, Mampilly writes a weekly column for Banyan’s free newsletter, The Sovereign Investor Daily.

Mampilly accredits his success to his focus on “mega-trends”. Investing in only the stocks associated with these trends can lead to outsize gains when compared to the greater market, says Mampilly. Right now, Mampilly and his newsletter is focused on the Millenial Generation and the Internet of Things, two trends that he thinks will drive the gains in his selected batch of stocks.

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