David McDonald of OSI Group

     David McDonald’s career at OSI Industries begun after he had finished his college education and worked his way through the ranks to become its President and Chief Operating Officer. Mr. McDonald was born in northeast Iowa State and was raised on a family farm. In 1987, he graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. Trough his hard work and commitment to excellence he has been able to bring even greater success to OSI Industries.

As the president, he is involved with important decision making such as strategy making, and as a result of this, he has helped the company to coordinate local operations and global logistic team effectively. Through this effectiveness, the company can keep up with both local demands as well global markets for their products. This has helped the company to record good profits year after year while maintaining a high degree of quality product and services.

David’s oversight at OSI Group, LLC, has led to its expansion to other countries all over the world. This has been enabled by the acquisition of other food companies in these countries allowing it to penetrate new markets easily. One recent example was the purchase of Baho Food in August 2016 that enabled the company to grow its market share in Europe.

Baho Foods has five subsidiaries and processes its products in both Germany and Netherlands. This was a significant investment by the company, and Mr. McDonald went on to say that Baho’s range of products and well-known brands would go on to complement the products offered by OSI Industries. He also went on to say that this would broaden OSI’s capabilities in enabling them to serve the rapidly evolving needs of their customers best.

With continued management and guiding experience of David McDonald the OSI Groups’ future looks bright and is bound to even more success in the coming years.

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Paul Mampilly’s “Profits Unlimited” Continues to Grow

     Former hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly continues to see success for his newsletter, “Profits Unlimited“, as its subscriber list crossed over the 60,000 mark. The paid newsletter, started in 2016, aims to offer the opportunities of wealth-creation in the stock market to main-street investors. Mampilly, a Charted Financial Analyst (CFA), delivers his eight-page newsletter monthly to his clients, in which he recommends a specific stock. The newsletter is a publication of Banyan Hill, an independent publishing institution focusing on investment newsletters and research reports. Tracking the investment performance on Banyan Hill’s website, 12 of 15 of Mampilly’s picks currently show gains, resulting in a doubling of the S&P 500’s performance over the time of the newsletter’s publication.

Mampilly has earned a loyal following after winning the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition during the throes of the economic crash in 2008 and 2009 by recording a 76% gain on $50M invested. Before that, Barron’s called the hedge fund that posted 26% annual returns under his management the “World’s Best”. That fund was just part of his success in the management space, as he helped attract over $5B to Kinetics Asset Management while managing several hedge funds as well as assuming other roles at the investment firm.

After leaving active management, Mampilly moved into publications, writing for Agora Financial and Common Sense Publishing before moving to Banyan Hill. In addition to Profits Unlimited, Mampilly writes a weekly column for Banyan’s free newsletter, The Sovereign Investor Daily.

Mampilly accredits his success to his focus on “mega-trends”. Investing in only the stocks associated with these trends can lead to outsize gains when compared to the greater market, says Mampilly. Right now, Mampilly and his newsletter is focused on the Millenial Generation and the Internet of Things, two trends that he thinks will drive the gains in his selected batch of stocks.

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Why Hire a Professional Rubbish Removal Service?

Have you ever had things in your house that you knew it was time, or maybe past time, to dispose of? It may be a few things or it may be a myriad of items. For many of us, the idea of truly cleaning our homes of things we don’t use or need anymore can be daunting. For that reason, it is all too typical that these unwanted items or trash items pile up and lead us to the need for a bigger disposal process than simply taking a few garbage bags out.


It is during this time that a professional rubbish removal service can be the key to preserving your home and your time and energy.


A recent article in Realty Biz News stressed the benefits of hiring a rubbish removal services. Among many things, it states the importance of the flexibility of hiring a professional company, rather than having an industrial size rubbish removal bin sit in your yard for weeks.



The article also detailed how you should pick the right one. One of the top-rated companies is Clearabee rubbish removal. The company has been around for a long time and has had extremely great reviews from past customers on the ease of their rubbish clearance services. Their entire team are members of the Clearabee family and the company is sure to never outsource their services.


Clearabee provides top customer service and also caters their services to the individual’s personal needs. For example, they will pick up the bins at your convenience and also drive them to a trash removal site, without adding additional costs for the price of gas.


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Bruce Bent II Has Expertise In Money Market Funds

Any money market mutual fund basically refers to a kind of fixed income mutual fund. It typically invests in debt securities that have short maturities and tend to provide minimal credit risk. This is why the money market mutual funds can be considered as having the least volatility in terms of investing. The income that gets generated by such a money market mutual fund may be taxable or exempt from taxes. This will depend on the kind of securities in which this fund is investing.


According to Wikipedia, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has issued Regulations defining three categories for these money market mutual funds. These are based on where the fund is being invested. It may be government, or in prime or the municipal. The prime and municipal funds can be further classified as retail or institutional. This will be based on the investors in the fund.


The debt securities that are had in money market mutual funds have to be short in maturity but ranked high in terms of credit quality. There are a number of regulatory requirements that have to be related to the industry. This would include quality, maturity, as well as liquidity, along with diversification of the investments of the fund. Hence these investments can be in U.S. Treasury securities that are for short term, or in federal agency notes. It can be in Eurodollar deposits or as repurchase agreements.


Bruce Bent II is the Vice Chairman as well as the President of Double Rock Corporation®. This is a leader in financial technology. It is known for providing the most innovative solutions in cash management and anything else that is related to cash. The company provides solutions to the bank, broker-dealer, as well as the retail markets.


He is the senior executive in all the subsidiary companies as well as affiliates of Double Rock. These are Access Control Advantage, Inc., besides Intrasweep LLC, as well as Island Intellectual Property LLC, along with Landing Rock Group LLC, besides the LIDs Capital LLC.


He is a pioneer in retirement services businesses along with all kinds of cash management services.

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The Business Experience of Richard Blair

Richard Blair is a successful man who majors in the field of finance. He founded Wealth Solutions a company that is set to help inspired investors in the services that they require. Over the years Wealth Solutions has grown to become better because of the increase of their clients. Richard lair has attained different certificates due to the prosperity of the company, they include; RICP, CFS, CAS and CES. The organization is located in Austin, Texas. The firm has recently qualified to be a total sworn investment consultant company.


The firm contains various principles that they adhere to when they are serving their customers thus they keep developing. The principles are divided into three pillar practices, the pillars guide them on how well they will assist a client to succeed in what they seek. The reason for these principles is to help the staff members help the clients by finding a solution to every problem they have and guide them to better financial statuses.


The first pillar is having good ears on what the customer seeks. Out of the keen attention, the staff attending to the client will know his risks, strengths, goals and opportunities. It is a breakdown of everything that the customer says. It gives the staff an easy time to start off.


Making a lasting strategy is the second pillar. This assists the staff member to create investment needs for the customer due to the long-term strategy implemented. They first check the accessibility of a good market thus this becomes the main step in implementing strategies. The client will be able to be freer with the person assisting him because he already knows what he seeks.


The linking up of first and second pillar initiated the third pillar. Knowing what a client needs and having the strategies needed will lead to the next step and that is taking care of the insurance requirements which are handled by Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. Serving his customers first is what he does.


Richard Blair is one of the best examples of a successful man in the field of finance. apart from being a businessman, Blair is a consultant in the same field that he majors in I, he has helped in the success of various new businesses. His experience sums up to 20 years. It is his work and aim together with his workmates to go in having good investment solutions to clients and organizations.