Increased Protection through SEC Whistleblower Programs

SEC whistleblower programs have changed the game have revolutionized what it means to come forward with information. Exposing corruption was something that was much more difficult just a hand few of years ago, but the various SEC whistleblower programs, such as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, have paved a path that is a lot more friendly to those people that want to come forward.

While it is without question a lot safer to come forward with information these days, as these programs protect an individual from retaliation and provide anonymity to a person blowing the whistle, it is still very important to hire a qualified whistleblower attorney. There are more and more law firms that only take on these types of whistleblower cases and they should be the first people to look at when it comes to retaining an attorney for representation. The biggest reason why it is such an advantage to do this is the fact that these attorneys work with whistleblower cases each and every day and are going to have a distinct advantage in court over another lawyer that takes on other cases. This is even more important when you consider the fact that law firms have only taken on whistleblower cases as a specialization since for a short few years.

If you do decide to get yourself a highly qualified SEC whistleblower lawyer, you will be putting yourself in a good position to find yourself with a hefty pay day, which is what happened in a recent case. SEC lawyer Jordan Thomas recently got one of his clients a payday of more than seventeen million dollars, which is one of the biggest cases to date. A lot of people have information that can expose corruption in business, but a ton of people simply do not want to put their necks on the line and come forward. It is a different story when the awarded sum is in the twenty million dollar ball park, so there is a very highly likely chance that this is going to turn into a snowball effect. It is a proven fact that those people who are represented by a highly qualified lawyer that specializes in these types of cases is going to be the best candidate, so if you do want to come forward, take your time and find a highly skilled whistleblower lawyer to represent you.

Adam Goldenberg: What He Has Done With JustFab

If you do a lot of shopping online for your apparel, you may have run across the website JustFab. JustFab markets and sells some of the hottest new designs both for casual and formal attire for women on YouTube. They also have Fabletics, which sells workout and athletic wear for both women and men, as well as FabKids for young children. What makes JustFab special is they offer their apparel at discounted prices compared to their competitors, and make the shopping experience rich with social interaction features. But it was the unlikely ideas of entrepreneur, Adam Goldenberg that made JustFab possible.

Adam Goldenberg hardly knew anything about fashion before he started, but he was skilled at social media marketing when it first became a big trend. He actually started out in the marketing and PR industry when he was only 15 years old. He built a website for gaming enthusiasts called Gamer’s Alliance, and in three years Intermix Media bought it out. Intermix Media was the parent company of MySpace’s founders, and they liked what Goldenberg could bring to their company, so they hired him to come there when he was only 18 years old. While still only 20, Goldenberg became Intermix Media’s Chief Operating Officer, the youngest ever to do so for a publicly traded company. But even more so, Goldenberg would meet another aspiring entrepreneur, Don Ressler who would become his friend and business partner.

In 2005, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to leave Intermix Media and start up their own company. They weren’t exactly sure what to go into, but they decided it would be the fashion retail industry. It was a bold move as neither of them really knew anything about fashion, but they did their research, marketed a few brands, and in 2010 launched What made this company special was that Goldenberg and Ressler were willing to try new things in thee way they ran it.

They held various functions for new styles to be shown, and with the help of various fashion consultants, they were able to attract a couple popular names to the brand. Probably the most popular figure to enter the JustFab world was Kimora Lee Simmons, a model who’s had a huge fan following, and became JustFab’s creative director on But even more so, Matrix Partners’ Josh Hannah also came on-board with JustFab, liking the potential they had and raised venture capital funding to help their operations expand worldwide.

Keith Mann Is Looking Out For the NYPD

It is no secret that times are tough for cops right now. However, Keith Mann has always appreciated kids and all of the hard work that they do. It is a thankless job at times and requires a level of commitment that only certain people can do. Every time they go out there, they have a job where there is a lot of risk involved. These are people with families and children. There are many nights where their families are worried sick about them. Keith Mann has a tremendous amount of respect for them, as his Uncle is a detective in Staten Island.

Mann has seen how bad things have gotten in terms of how people perceive the police, view the police, and act around the police. He is not a fan of it. He took it upon himself to do something for them to let them know they are appreciated and he recognizes all of the hard work they do all year long. He sent everyone on the 54th Street precinct lunch as a way to say thank you, get some positivity going, and let them know that someone out there is on their side.

Gestures like this really go a long way and can really impact other people as well. One would imagine that the cops are feeling a lot of press, stress, and anxiety with everything going on around them. Because of this, it can make a tough job even tougher. However, knowing they have someone like Keith Mann from Dynamic Search Partners in their corner is a step in the right direction. There needs to be harmony and there needs to be peace. There is no need for all of this rancor and all of this hostility. This is the kind of individual that Keith Mann is.

When he sees something or something that needs help, he steps up to the plate and does something about it. He doesn’t sit idly by and let it happen. He takes action and has always been a man of action. He believes in the good of his fellow man.

Seattle Genetics Unveils Ambitious Plans For Expansion And Growth

Seattle Genetics has invested widely in research and innovation meant to fight the cancer pandemic and their recent plans could further this resolve. Their fast growth can be attributed to the several drug pipelines they have offered to the market coupled with the inclusion of leading pharmaceutical companies in their research and production processes.


The company has is investing to widen its pipeline and is working to see that its first drug is adopted for use. They are planning to come up with new and more advanced drugs and cancer treatment methods as well as enlarging their employee base. This move to inject more effort into research meant to unveil drugs for treatment of cancer underscores their role as a research center concerned about offering solutions.


Adcetris, one of the many drugs Seattle Genetics has produced, is largely applied in the treatment of lymphomas and the drug alone raked in at least $226 million from sales in the United States and Canada and they are optimistic this amount may rise to more than $255 million before the end of 2016.


Seattle Genetics is planning to introduce another drug, 33A, into the third phase of the clinical trials in 2016. The drug will be used in the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia. Additionally, they are manufacturing a drug that is used in the treatment of breast cancer and two others for bladder cancer. Clay Siegall, the CEO and President of the company explained that they are going to put a huge amount of data in the three drugs for the year 2016. This process will be made successful through the hiring of additional 100 employees.


Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D, CEO, Seattle Genetics

Clay Seagall is the founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics. He also works as the President of the company since its establishment in 1998. He is trained as a scientist with focus on cancer therapies, something that guided him to build Seattle Genetics on a foundation of innovation and research. Through his effort, Seattle Genetics has partnered with multiple companies for its ADC technology, which include AbbVie, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline and Genetech.



IAP WORLDWIDE SERVICES INCORPORATED is definitely the service for professionals both local and domestic. It has friendly and timely service, wonderfully prepared staff, exceptional prospects for investment and partnerships, and an over all wide and well known professional standing & reputation as a whole. I would highly recommend this company to any individual who is either seeking a new job, looking for a smart and strategic new alliance or partnership, looking to invest or donate, or any person out in search of a great company to research and speak about. IAP is the place to do it for….the true and unique global service of the professionals.

Why is IAP so unique and what makes it so special? Well, there are many things. One is their excellent commitment on to a solid set of one of a kind values which truly does set them apart from the rest…..or aka, ‘the competition’. Yet let’s face it, the competition is scare and fleeting when there are great companies around such as this one.

Now for the core values I was talking about? What are they? What do they mean? Let us delve in….

First off, IAP’s values are a comprised part of IAP’s mission and vision on the whole. They are a necessary and very integrated part of every piece, without which the entire ‘corporate puzzle’ would just literally fall apart on itself….so to speak. You get my point: they are necessary and crucial to the entire company’s organizational structure and foundation.

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Now then…..there are five specific values which IAP WORLDWIDE SERVICES, INC. rests upon and bases its business off of…..these are: focus, agility, capabilities, commitment, and values. Each of the five is equally important, even the one of ‘values’…..hard to believe, right? A value of ‘values’. I will explain in further detail.

First of all, we have focus. This is primary in order, because IAP Worldwide Services needs to be focused on completing its mission….which is being the best. Next come agility and capabilities, which feed off each other. Then there’s commitment and values. IAP commits itself to keeping good values at all times.

“Everyone at IAP is personally committed to our customers, our partners, and each other. We welcome creativity, prize integrity, and celebrate the contributions of each individual. IAP respects and values each person’s unique experience — from the corporate administrator to the veteran employee…”

IAP WORLDWIDE serves well!

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A Truly Extravagant Event

Danilo Diaz Granados, the founder of TOYS for BOYS’ recently orchestrated another unbelievable event for his wealthy guests in Miami. The July’s event featured helicopter rides, fine cuisines, time at the racetrack, sunset boat rides and bottles of Dom Perignons. Since his company was started in 2013, he has successfully held several numerous hyper-sensory experiences for his principle guests.

Danilo Diaz Granados said that he wanted to give his clients a mind blowing experience. The people of Miami now have an avenue to check out the most extravagant and one of a kind products.

The guests at the event were precisely hand selected. The day started by being treated to a warm breakfast at Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum sales centre. Each of them was then given an overview of the highly-anticipated residential apartments in the upscale Biscayne part of Miami.

Granados then explained via Facebook, that the core business of the event was to give the guests an opportunity to connect with the art, cuisines and entertainment equal to the Miami’s extravagant style.

Danilo Diaz Granados then joined his affluent guests for a thirty-minute helicopter ride to the famous Palm Beach Race Track. Each guest had an opportunity to ride and spin around the race track. The event did not end there; the guests were returned to the River Yacht Club on the Miami River via a helicopter. Dom Perignon champagne was the drink on standby waiting for their arrival.

Through the help of Van Dutch and Technomar, the beautiful day was wrapped up with a sunset boat ride in the bay. These were the latest boats the two gentlemen had.

Danilo Diaz Granados plus his two partners pulled off this event with the help of several sponsors like One Thousand Museum, Air Commander Aerospace, Van Dutch Americas and Gryphon Racing.

Jim Hunt of VTA Publications Introduces Wealth Wave

An advisor for VTA Publications Jim Hunt recently put together an investment system known as the Wealth Wave. This system helps a number of investors increase their returns by investing in failing stocks. While this may seem like a strategy that is likely to fail it actually leads to a lot of success. This is because the strategy entails taking advantage of declining stock values so that investors can make very high returns in the future.

The main part of this system is to take advantage of buying stocks when the market crashes. According to Jim Hunt, whenever there is a market crash money is just transferred to another company or individual, not lost. When getting the Wealth Wave system, individuals can get los of comprehensive training on how to profit in the stock market from failing stocks. Consumers will have the opportunity to watch a series of webinars and DVD training videos which will give them a very comprehensive educational experience. Thanks to Jim Hunt, individuals will now have a very valuable tool to help them greatly increase their chances of success through stock investing.

This company specializes in investment education and training. With this company a number of individuals worldwide will have the opportunities to learn stock investing as well as how to best manage their finances. With VTA Publications, people can take courses as well as watch and listen to seminars. They will also be able to look on the company website to read articles that will help motivate them to apply their knowledge as well as adopt a positive attitude.

With VTA Publications, consumers will take courses such as investing in stocks using charts. This course teaches people how to use charts to make better investment decisions and consistently make good returns on the stocks they buy. Another course taught is investing in options which teaches people how to purchase a type of security that can generate high profits while keeping the risk to a minimum. Lastly the retirement planning course teaches investors how to save for their retirement and establish long term financial security.  MoreMoneyReview has more information.

The Lovaganza Foundation Is On A Mission To Eliminate Hungry Children

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

The presidential election is full swing. The election is a big deal. Most Americans believe there will be changes, but candidate promises rarely become a reality. The candidates like to talk about button-pushing topics like immigration, terrorism, and middle-class stability on, but one topic that is sorely omitted from the main topics is childhood hunger. More than 15.5 million children in the United States go to bed hungry every night. More than 8,000 kids in the U.S. die every from malnutrition every year.

Even though there are organizations that try to address the hunger issue, childhood hunger keeps growing. But one French-Canadian couple, J.F., and Genevieve Gagnon have made it their mission to nourish every child on the planet by the year 2035 in Lovaganza. That’s a tall order given the fact that almost 16 million children die of hunger every year. The Gagnon’s established the Lovaganza Foundation in 2010, and the sole purpose of the Lovaganza Foundation is to united organizations, nations and concerned citizens around the globe. The vehicle to achieve this incredible mission is through films and entertainment as well as through the hard work of volunteers, politicians, government leaders, celebrities and anyone else that wants to accomplish something that nations around the world fail to accomplish on their own.
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J.F. Gagnon is suited for the job of putting a face on the Lovaganza Foundation. J.F. is an accomplished singer, composer, producer, and actor. Genevieve Gagnon is also suited to be his partner in life and the success of Lovaganza. Genevieve is an actress, director, and producer. She is currently the director and producer of the Lovaganza Convoy. The Lovaganza Convoy is a series of documentaries that address childhood hunger through the lens of a camera. Genevieve and J.F. have been traveling around the world for the last six years filming footage to put in these upcoming documentaries. The first trailer was released recently, and the entire collection is set for release in 2020.  People in Spain, India, the United States and other countries are signing up to be part of the Lovaganza mission.

Those goals are enough food, shelter, medical supplies, vaccines, and clean drinking water for children in every nation. Education is the other goal, and Mr. Gagnon said that goal is as important as all the other goals.

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Bob Reina: Keeping his Focus on the Future


So often in life, people are unprepared for the future. In fact, lots of people are scared of the future and scared of change. One person that embraces change and looks forward to it is Bob Reina. He sees it as a chance to roll with the punches, shake things up, and push forward. Life is filled with challenges and you can either allow them to make you or break you. Bob Reina is never broken and instead looks for solutions. His solution was Talk Fusion, which is an all-in-one video marketing program. It allows you to chat with loved ones, stay in touch with friends, and also build a business.

Bob Reina knew there was a market for this and it was waiting for the right man or woman to do something about it. He decided to take action and now the product is growing in popularity each and every single day. More and more people are signing up for it, using it, and seeing all that it has to offer. If you want to hold a video conference, you can do that.

One of their most popular features is video email, which allows you to chat with a group of people who might all be in different locations. If you are using this for business purposes, it comes in especially handy, as it allows you to get everyone on the same screen and get their input. As anyone knows, when you run a company, you need input from everyone. This allows for everyone to have their day in court, so to speak, and say what is on their mind and what kind of vision they have for the company without everyone having to fly half way across the country.

Of course, it is also about staying connected and the more you can stay connected with those that are in your day-to-day life, the better your relationships will be and the better your company will be in the long run. After all, when it comes to business, you have to build relationships and they have to strong and they have to be rock-solid. While building those relationships, you also build your company.


New CEO of Coriant: Kheradpir

Coriant has named former Juniper chief executive officer and Verizon veteran Shaygan Kheradpir as its new chief executive officer and board chairman.

Shaygan is a recognized business and technology leader with over twenty eight years of expertise across the financial services, telecom, and technology industries. He began his career at GTE Corporation, and afterwards was appointed Verizon’s EVP, Chief information Officer and member of the executive leadership team driving the efficiency, systems modernization, pioneering product and innovation initiatives, including FiOS, one among the most important infrastructure programs within the U.S. with a capital investment of over $20 billion. Shaygan next became the Chief Operations and Technology Officer at Barclays and additionally served as a member of the bank’s executive Committee. At Barclays, he had a leadership role within the creation of the company’s transform program, a historical transformation of the bank for the twenty first century across fifty countries with a hundred and fifty thousand workers. Following this role, he became CEO of Juniper Networks, there he developed an Integrated operational network for the corporation and targeted execution on the strategic growth markets of Cloud Builder & High intelligence quotient Networking. Before his new role at Coriant, Shaygan was in the position of operational Partner at Marlin Equity Partners, there he centered on strategic telecommunication and technology investments.

Shaygan holds a Ph.D., master’s, and bachelor’s from Cornell University in engineering. He has multiple patents spanning telecommunication, finance, and media, and was on the board of the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology and on the Cornell University Engineering Council.

Kheradpir takes the executive role after working with the senior management team at Coriant earlier this year as operating partner at Coriant’s own Marlin Equity Partners. Coriant has been winning deals with variety of key customers, notably with variety of international carriers, together with Australia’s NBN, BSNL, China Unicom, and Telia Sonera International Carrier (TSIC).

As an optical seller created out of the mixture of Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) Optical Networks, Sycamore Networks, and Tellabs, Kheradpir’s challenge is going to be in serving to grow the corporation against a bunch of competitors like Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, Cisco and Infinera. His key task as CEO is going to be to drive new sales of Coriants instrumentation to fulfill service providers’ 100G to multi-terabit coherent subway and long-term transport deployments, hyperscale information center and cloud infrastructure buildouts, and mobile backhaul upgrades to accommodate 4G and future 5G deployments.

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