OSI Industries: Leader in Food Production

At present, OSI Industries is one of the most well-known meat product providers in the world. They currently house 20,000 workers and 65 manufacturing buildings in 17 nations. They started as a butcher shop which has exponentially grown into a corporate giant–and it is considered one of the biggest success in the industry under the 20th-century economic upturn. The company is continuously growing and expanding to more countries as they strive under a globalized trading market.

Humble Beginnings

OSI Industries stated as an immigrant story that began in America.

During the early 20th century, a man named Otto Kolschowsky became a member of the German immigrants who lived in Chicago, Illinois. People who previously lived in Germany made up one-fourth of the population in Chicago during that time. The city was bustling during the Industrial Revolution, and it became an entry point for immigrants who want a taste of a better life. They came in establishing new businesses in the farms around Illinois.

During that time, Chicago was branded as a meat capital. Carl Sandburg described the city as the “Hog Butcher for the World”, a “Tool Maker”, “Stacker of Wheat”, and the “City with Big Shoulders.” OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago.

The western portion of Chicago occupied most of these immigrants. In 1909, Kolschowsky started a small retail butcher shop and meat store for the community. He was a good businessman, and within 10 years, he expanded into serving not only his community but other companies who are in need of supplies meat products.

After another 20 years in business, he grew the company into a larger one and rebranded it as Otto & Sons during the last years of the 1920s.

Meaningful partnerships

The Otto & Sons company continuously grew and became innovative, as this was the time where a lot of business sprouted and competed with each other.

This was also the time when Ray Kroc started his own McDonald’s restaurant in 1995. The branch was located in Des Plaines, Illinois. During that time, Kroc was still a franchiser at the original branch in California. Ray Kroc entered into a handshake agreement with Otto’s sons Arthur and Harry to be the main suppliers of meat for their burgers and other meat products. This was a partnership that proved to be promising, as both companies grew into a success.

OSI Industries continues to expand to this day, forming many alliances with meat industries in various countries.

Truly, OSI Industries has inspiring roots. There is no secret to business–only hard work, dedication, at networking with like-minded people who will help you achieve your goal.

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Netpicks: Netpicks on Simple Trading Strategies

Netpicks is an organization that was founded in the year nineteen ninety-six to provide trading education to beginners in trading it provides trading training for a number of markets which include Forex, Stocks, Futures and ETFS. Its headquarters is located in Texas (ceocfointerviews.com). Its staff is comprised of real traders who have experience of over twenty-five years and over seventeen years in training. Their trading methodology was created with several types of traders in mind who include, Full-time traders, part-time traders and done in minutes.

Netpicks also provides support to their students all through after learning their trading this has helped solidify their position as one of the leading tutors in this industry. They also help in installing indicators in one’s charts hence making it simpler to trade in the various markets.

In one article by Netpicks they advise traders to develop simple trading strategies in order to achieve better trading results and avoid cluttering their charts with many indicators which can lead to analysis by paralysis. They go on to state that once many indicators are used the trading results tend to be difficult to remain inconsistent. For day traders it tends to be particularly difficult to see the bulk price move for example if one has to consult several indicators they would tend to miss a move.


It is easier for one to develop a simple trading strategy by first looking at the high-level view of how markets move this include, markets trade in a trading range, markets breaking out of trends with momentum and reversion to the mean when the price extends far and fast. Consulting one of the views, the trading range one can use moving averages one could also use price action which tends to look at lower highs and lows in a downward trend and higher highs and lows in an upward trend one considers himself in a trading range once the stair stepping stops. On breaking and momentum trends always begin with a breakout although we see the breakout we use momentum to tell that something has changed In the market.  More on netpicks.com.


Netpicks is an online trading site that was founded in the year 1996. It was launched just as an online website for trading. It has since then provided essential tips for regular traders. It has been able to offer extensive help for traders in assisting them to achieve their trading goals in the market.

Netpicks have its headquarters in Irving, Texas. It has an experience of more than two decades in personal trading. It also boasts of over 17 years of trading training and education to its diversified customer base. Its staff comprises of trading experts who have been in the field for a long time.

Netpicks allows its customers have access to simple trading strategies. The word simple does not refer to just putting your investment in any trading that comes along. There are factors, most of which are simple to follow, those help traders to choose the best trading procedure (netpicks.com)

Surprisingly, most traders overlook simple trading. Successful trading does is not dependent on the amount of information that a trader has. Value of the data is paramount. If a lot of information were the key to successful trading, then there wouldn’t be that high level of loss-making in the market. Clutter consultation is essential too.

Each trader online trader is searching for ways to tilt trading favors on their side. Traders are spending sleepless nights in the hunt for successful probabilities to make profits. It is not a simple task. Deleting redundant trading indicators from your charts can help a trader to access simple trading.

Trading Ranges

There is a simple way to identify whether a trader is in the trading range. A trader needs to consider a trend that has lower highs and low in down. This trend changes to higher highs and lows in an uptrend. That’s the period the trader is in a trading range. A moving average can also be consulted when one wants to find their trading range. At this time, prices move back and forth without shifting too far from the moving averages.

Breakouts and momentum

Trends start with a trading average breakout, and in most cases, traders can see the breakout. Some other times one can even notice its signs. In such cases, traders can use momentum to show them the shift in the market.


Adversity in communication and technology

With the adversity in the communication systems, it is evident that the level of awareness is becoming rampant. Cancer is one of the diseases associated with abnormal cell growth having the potential to invade other body parts. It can affect anyone whether a relative, friend or a colleague irrespective of one’s social status. With the very many types of cancer, measures are being induced to improve the living standards of those afflicted.

One measure is through eating plant-based, low methionine diet. The triumph of the diet led to the inception of The Cancer Diet app. The food can be used in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation. The app gives a variety of recipe for various meals. This champions for cancer survivors to advocate for a diet with low methionine level.

Also, Newswatch television show is a broadcasting media platform. With more than two hundred markets featured in this show, it is still reliable. Also, Newswatch broadcast show has aired more than a thousand episodes weekly since its inception in the year1989. It covers a wide range of subjects such as medical breakthroughs and public awareness programs.newsatch has been a dedicated news channel that is aimed at keeping its viewers in tune with current events.

Despite that it airs shows for only thirty minutes, it ventures into various venues. Also, it has multiple specialties. Newswatch is featured among the award-winning television shows as a result of its technology, consumer, and entertainment format. It is hosted by various media practitioners who engage in interviews with newsmakers in a remote location.

Moreover, newswatch won itself awards for its remarkable services. It focuses on technology market, reviewing new upcoming mobile apps and celebrities. With the great demand from its audience, it focuses on various fields. With automation and efficiency in communication and technology,awareness is being manipulated among different venues. Find out more about NewsWatch TV Reviews: https://newswatchtvreviews.wordpress.com/

Ted Bauman Mentions Investing In Vault Protection For Your Assets

Ted Bauman, like many of his other colleagues at Banyan Hill gives his article and newsletter readers information on investing and building up their wealth, and not just through traditional investments like stocks and bonds but also through precious metals and other commodities. But one thing he doesn’t want his readers to forget about is protecting physically-owned precious metals which is why an investment in security is just as important. Bauman mentioned five security methods for storing and protecting precious metals, but a vault company either domestic was the best way he recommended doing it. Follow Ted Bauman on Twitter for more updates.

Ted Bauman Says vaults have added protections that safes and bank deposit boxes don’t have. Safes can be adequate if you live in a neighborhood where crime risk is low, but still they are never completely impenetrable. Bank deposit boxes are more secure, but you have to pay for insurance for your assets and report them on your taxes. The government also could take them if there were a financial crisis like the one in Greece. Foreign bank deposit boxes are better because you can keep them protected from your own government, but you still have to watch out for any actions by the government in the country where the bank is. Vault companies do not allow the government to seize assets unless they specifically have a court order to do so. If you go with a foreign vault, you’re exempt from the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act even if you keep physical cash in it. The bottom line Bauman wants you to know is the importance of making sure your assets are safe for emergency situations cannot be overstated.

Ted Bauman believes investing doesn’t have to be done just one way, and he writes about a wide variety of investment vehicles in his newsletters “Alpha Stock Alert” and “The Bauman Letter.” He has traveled all around the world to 75 countries in his lifetime, but he spent much of his early professional career in South Africa. The program he managed there was Slum Dwellers International which helped poor and homeless people get housing at a very low price. Groups he collaborated with included the South African government, World Bank and the UN. Bauman was also with the housing program for Habitat for Humanity for a few years until he became solely a newsletter writer for Banyan Hill. His investments have done very well and are scattered into a wide variety of industries. Learn more: http://sovereignsociety.com/bauman-letter-reports/


Saygus Recommends NewsWatch In Its NewsWatch TV Review

Saygus is a smartphone maker based in America. The manufacturer decided they would hire NewsWatch TV. In turn, NewsWatch produced reviews and aired the reviews on national TV. They also wanted the company to launch online campaigns. The team at NewsWatch went to Barcelona to conduct filming and they also produced segments there too. This was for both the launch of the smartphone and Saygus’ Indiegogo campaign.

Thanks to the marketing campaign, Saygus raised hundreds of thousands over their goal. In fact, they raised over a million dollars. Tim Rush, the vice president of Saygus, said NewsWatch did an amazing job with the marketing campaign. He said he highly recommends using them and they conveyed exactly what they (Saygus) wanted.

About NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is an American television show that has won numerous awards. The show features reviews about mobile apps, consumer news, consumer electronic reviews and government news to name a few. The content that’s covered on the show is both sponsored and editorial.

NewsWatch’s main office is located in the city of Washington. They have additional offices in New York City, Fairfax and Denver. The show first aired in 1990 and since its launching, over 1,000 episodes have aired. It originally was a show that focused on financial matters, but it eventually started to cover a range of topics.

NewsWatch airs on various channels, more specifically channels affiliated with the Ion Network and the AMC network. When it initially aired, it aired once per month but today it airs once a week.


Igor Cornelsen Offers Valuable Insight On Investing

Igor Cornelsen has been investing in companies and commodities for quite some time. His experience as led him to advise different people throughout his career. Igor is known for helping his clients make successful long-term decisions with their investment capital. He advises his clients to invest in damaged stocks as opposed to damaged organizations. Stocks with potential will always return revenue in the long run and are cheap to purchase.

Igor Cornelsen was a popular figure in the banking industry throughout Brazil and held many high-profile positions. Igor moved to South Florida where he invests and advises new investors as a hobby.

Experts are needed to lead investors. Igor has specialized in this area for decades and demonstrated his abilities with Bainbridge Group Inc.

Financial investing is a very trying process that should be taken seriously. It is difficult to invest correctly and there is a great deal of risk. Beginners in any field of financial investing must do a thorough amount of research and be sure they learn how their particular platform operates.

Risk is a part of financial investing and it is impossible to avoid. There is always a potential to lose money no matter how secure the investment opportunity seems. However, risk can be reduced by careful research, studying and planned decision making. There is no need for the investment to cost its investor money over a long period of time. The basic rule of investing is always to make money.

A diverse portfolio is a great way to ensure a turn on investments. Portfolio diversity minimizes risk and opens up the opportunity to earn income from multiple sources. Diverse portfolios feature a mixture of sound investments with risky investments.

Investors who are new to the process should always seek out a professional to advise them through the beginning stages. The advisor is there to provide basic knowledge that will prevent unnecessary losses. Once an investor feels confident about the process they will eventually learn how to make these transactions without the help of counsel.

Financial security is gained by investing early in a career. Most young people understand the importance of making money. However, they do not take the time to save for rainy days. People in the workforce should begin learning how to turn their income into profit as soon as possible.

Malcolm CasSelle as WAX president

Malcolm Casselle is the chief information officer of OPSkins as well as an entrepreneur. Currently, he is the president of Worldwide Asset exchange (WAX). Before joining WAX, he worked as chief technology officer and Head of New Ventures. In addition to the stated, CasSelle served various administrative tasks at Digital Media of SeaChange International which he joined in 2015. Casselle also steered digital startups which include Xfire, Mediapass among others.

CasSelle invested in Facebook, Bitcoin among other companies at their initial stages. He is a co-founder of NetNoir, and he has served in various administrative tasks at several online gaming companies. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University are his alma mater where he graduated with bachelor’s degree and masters in computer science respectively.

Under his leadership, OPskins has started a WAX’s block platform. The primary objective of starting this platform is to eliminate technological limitations which raise a result of a centralized marketplace. The blockchain platform will solve some of the virtual asset markets hitches including fraud and fragmentation. Concerning fragmentation, the WAX allows users to prove gaming monies they possess as well as trading their gaming assets with various traders. Secondly, the platform will eliminate FOREX issues in cybernetic asset markets hence all gamers will transact with its token regardless of their utility tokens. Indeed, it will solve fragmentation hiccups at geographical level hence trading of different cryptocurrencies will be possible in the absence of intermediaries.

Apart from solving fragmentation issue, WAX will also resolve problems of fraud and safety experienced at cybernetic markets. Often users and gamer’s delivery issues from the sellers which is can be mitigated by a blockchain. OPSkins ensures a fraud-proof sale or purchase at virtual markets by use of a smart contract. Additionally, WAX eliminates intermediaries who play a prominent role in the fraud. Malcolm CasSelle believes that WAX’s decentralization will benefit virtual market traders greatly by minimizing market inefficiencies. Moreover, the platform will help video games related to virtual assets markets globally.


NetPicks role in foreign exchange trading.

NetPicks role in foreign exchange trading.

NetPicks is an online based foreign exchange company. They recently released a statement suggesting that Forex trading allows participants to put their money into currency exchange rates. This trade is governed by the fluctuations in the exchange rates. Foreign exchange trade is centrally administered or managed. It is a platform that allows traders to exchange money from one currency to another. The business is usually carried online using various electronic devices. These devices are found in major cities all over the world such as Tokyo and London.

NetPicks plays a significant role in this business. They provide the traders with a live signal as well as guides for assistance. Foreign exchange trading is an activity that takes place throughout the day. The market is usually open for twenty- four hours a day. Different parts of the world open and close their Forex markets at different times, but the central system is always open. Therefore, one can make trades with countries that have free markets, and once they close, the individual can continue making deals with the other countries that shall have opened by then. Click on hitechchronicle.com for more reading.

Many traders prefer making and closing their deals on the spot. However, the market allows people to carry out future trades. That is, they can accept transactions that cannot be closed immediately. This type of trade is generally preferred by business or firm owners. They prefer taking the risk of such trades.

Foreign exchange trading is an always flowing business. NetPicks states that this trade is always active. The majority prefer participating in the activity because of its liquid state. A lot of deals and exchanges are made in a day. Concerning money, over $5 trillion can be traded in a day. In the foreign exchange markets, an individual is offered very minimal choices (netpicks.com). The currencies are usually sold in pairs. The most common currency pair is the US Dollar Vs. Japanese Yen; the Euro and the Japanese Yen and the British Pound sterling against US Dollar. Other couples that exist in this trade include the Swiss Franc against the United States Dollar and the Australian dollar Versus the United States Dollar. The business allows limited choices to avoid complications and mismanagement issues.

NetPicks was established over two decades ago. As stated earlier, the company operates via online platforms. It was created to provide the necessary education and advice on Foreign exchange trading, popularly known as Forex trading.

Forex Trading Insight from NetPicks

NetPicks create charts that enable traders on Forex to exchange their currency with much ease. Trading in the 24 hour market can be done in future markets, by spot trading or in forward markets (netpicks.com). Many traders have a preference for spot trading. The other two available markets are used by traders who are keen on keeping their finances safe.

Market characteristics

The forex market is hardly cash-strapped and close to $5 trillion can be exchanged on a good day. It however offers less choices compared to the stock market. There are a good number of currency pairs that can be traded though the established currencies tend to earn more and present less risks.

Traders on Forex are usually keen on taking advantage of drastic price changes. Brokers provide a margin account from which traders can spend part of their investment.

The prices

Traders who are looking to buy the currency pairs should closely monitor the ask price while the sellers need to keep an eye on the bid price. The difference between the two is referred to as spread. In the course of the transaction losses can be incurred while gains can be made. The two are collectively known as the price interest point.

Gain knowledge

Just like any other business, new traders are advised to probe the market and its patterns before committing their resources. A good understanding of factors that determine the price fluctuations is sure to earn traders large sums of money. Beginners are also encouraged to start small and grow with time.

NetPicks encourages traders to put aside their emotions when making trades. This allows for more informed and conscious decisions with less regrets. They should also set aside the money they intend to use on trades. Making a clear budget will adequately take care if this.

About NetPicks

Since 1996 when it was founded, NetPicks has provided clients with sound knowledge on trading. Irving, Texas is the headquarter of the firm that seeks to support forex traders in their quest to earn a living.

Their team comprises of active traders who have had a feel of the market for more than twenty years. Led by Mark Soberman they bring onboard a vast amount experience geared towards ensuring the clients succeed in their endeavours. Their trading system is simple and very rewarding.