The hero and activist that was Jim Larkin

Ever since Jim Larkin was a boy, he was a force to reckon with. He had the look of greatness in him even though he was young and unskilled with the workings of the world.

Even when playing Jim Larkin always was the boss of the lot deciding what they would play and the frequency of turns that every participating toddler would have. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and James Larkin | Ireland Calling

Early signs such as these are what people call talented leadership, especially when dealing with children who were his age and would be notorious not to heed the screams and shouts that were directed to them by their parents.

Growing up in the impoverished slum areas of Liverpool meant that there was little to smile about. The formal education that he received did not bring him any luck, and he decided to seek employment during his youth to help supplement the income that his parents made.

Jim Larkin worked many Odd jobs until he secured a foreman position at the docks. It was at this point that he realized how unfairly workers were being treated and joined NUDL a labor union that was formed to highlight the plight of the dock workers. Jim Larkin had found his passion and stayed on as a full-time union representative from 1905.

His aggressive striking methodology raffled some feathers at the union, and he was transferred in 1907 to Dublin. There, he founded a union that sort to represent transportation as well as general workers. Jim’s goal was to combine all skilled and unskilled industrial workers into one union.

This move prompted him to form the renowned Irish labor organization. Immediately, the party was responsible for organizing a string of strikes most notable being the Dublin Lockout. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

It was held in 1913 and saw more than a hundred thousand workers down their tools and take to the streets for almost eight months. This time they were successful and earned the right that gave them fair employment.

At the commencement of world war one, he organized quite a number of anti-war marches in Dublin. His approach to fostering change has been emulated by many since then.

How Ted Bauman Does His Research

Ted Bauman is offering investors useful information that they will not get from Wall Street. The experienced advisor is telling us about things that Wall Street does not want us to know about.

Ted Bauman is the editor of The Bauman Letter. The Bauman Letter goes out to tens of thousands of people every day. Every single one of them gets information that will prove useful when they go out into the world of investing and finances. Ted Bauman draws upon his years of experience with investing and finances so that he can give his readers the best advice possible. In fact, Ted Bauman makes sure to do his research very carefully. He will not recommend a stock before he is absolutely sure that he would invest in it himself. In fact, he often goes traveling just to visit a plant or a factory in order to see for himself whether or not the stock would be something that can be recommended to his readers. Not only that, but he will take the trouble of meeting and interviewing the heads of the company in order to find out everything that he can about the operations of the company. Read more about Ted Bauman at

The Bauman Letter is put out by Banyan Hill Publishing, a company that is named after the banyan tree. Banyan Hill Publishing aims to be like the banyan tree, a tree that is firmly rooted in the ground. In the same way, the editors and writers over at Banyan Hill Publishing want to make sure that their readers are getting the best investment advice possible.

Ted Bauman himself works at his home. He says that he first worked at many minimum wage jobs. These minimum wage jobs were not the best experiences of his life, but he says that they did teach him about the middle class and the challenges that they often face. He says that they taught him a lot of lessons about life in general as well, including the value of hard work and dedication and never giving up on bettering your situation. Learn more:



Mina Ebrahimi began to operate in Seven Corners bakery that belonged to her parents when she was just eleven years old. It was at this level where she started to build a substantial experience in the industry of hospitality. Mina continued to manage the café which later on moved to Tyson Galleria. The business was then called Saint Germain. When Mina was twenty-six years old, she walked out of her family’s café and established her organization. The organization was named Saint Germain Catering.


The company focused on corporate catering, and also it concentrated on catering to her main customer’s special event and wedding needs. Currently, Saint Germain Catering is one of the most prominent catering organization owned by a woman in the nation. The company manage over two hundred occasions on a daily basis and serve over seven thousand individuals every day across Virginia, Washington D.C, and Maryland. This indicates her tremendous success and how its business is well recognized.


Mina Ebrahimi believes that she is real evidence that American dream is still alive. She celebrates her parents for being extraordinary good examples to emulate and providing her with the chance of thriving and living in the U.S.A. Mina takes incredible pride in the business of catering at Saint Germain. She has developed the organization to offer services in areas of DC metro for over twenty years.


Mina as a lady who owns the business, she believes that she will continue to mentor both women and men in that business and at the same time giving back to the society while inspiring many people to have the same kind of effects. In 2014 she won an award under Washington Business Journal.


Mina Ebrahimi is a philanthropic person who loves to offer support to some initiatives. Mina supports McBane, a dog that detects cancer with Pennsylvania University Dog Vet Working Penn, assisting with the efforts of the university in coming up with detection tools for cancer (ovarian cancer). This help more than fourteen thousand women who lose their lives annually because of ovarian cancer. The team of catering at Saint Germain means the world to her. Mina has workers that she has worked with for over nineteen years. Her favorite food that she loves to make to her family and friends is BBQ.

Anil Chaturvedi: A Banker with Lots of Experiences

Anil Chaturvedi is a banker who currently lives in Geneva, Switzerland. He is Hinduja Bank’s present managing director, and he brought a lot of reforms in the company that he is serving. He has been in the banking industry for 40 years, and throughout his career, he only worked for the top banks in the industry. He specializes in investment banking, private banking, corporate banking, and commercial banking. He also established a link between the banks in India and the banks in Europe, enabling the two regions to share economic policies that would benefit the economy. His colleagues have recognized anil Chaturvedi as one of the best leaders of Hinduja Bank. Keeping the bank at the top is a tough job, but for Anil Chaturvedi, it is just an easy task.

Anil Chaturvedi started working with Hinduja Bank back in the year 2011. Through his efforts, the company experienced several changes, and he introduced a lot of reforms after working for the institution for six years. He transformed the industry across continents, bridging regions together to create more dynamic economies across the planet. By helping companies in India and Asia to get business partners in Europe and the United States, the economics of these regions flourished, and trade became stronger than ever. There was also a rise in the number of acquisitions and mergers under his leadership, and business people are saying that Anil Chaturvedi leading the bank is beneficial to its employees and its place in the world of business.


Anil Chaturvedi worked with several financial institutions in the past, with most of them being based in the United States. Because of his hard work and determination to succeed, he managed to get promotions, and he would also get invitations from some of the top banks on the planet. Anil Chaturvedi truly transformed the industry because of his vision to create an open world where trading is prevalent, and no barriers can be found. It is his dream to see every nation on the planet one day trading with each other without any sanctions. He stated that it could be possible if everyone would cooperate.

The Role of Ted Bauman in the Banyan Hill Publishing Company

The Role of Ted Bauman in the Banyan Hill Publishing Company

Founded in 1998 as the Sovereign Society, Banyan Hill has grown immensely to a daily viewership of nearly half-a-million. It was rebranded in 2016, receiving its current name Banyan Hill Publishing. It offers multiple tips on entrepreneurship, investment, and protection of assets. The company serves both private and public sectors, with a focus on personalized financial management tips.

To provide quality information to its broad reader base, Banyan Hill Publishing has a team of skilled and experienced editors and support staff. The editorial team include:

  • Paul Mampilly as the Senior Editor
  • Ted Bauman
  • Ian King
  • Jeff Yestine
  • Matt Badiali

One of the most interesting coverages in the Banyan Hill Publishing are centered on Alpha Stock Alert. This is the area of specialization of Editor Ted Bauman. He ensures accurate and real-time recommendations on stock. He relies on an algorithm that powers the Alpha Code System to provide these Stock information.

It is relevant to mention that the Alpha Stock System algorithm was manually developed by Bauman. This development was jointly made with expert Wall Street personnel. But it is not only the frequent stock recommendations, Ted also runs a monthly publication on Banyan Hill.

Bauman’s monthly publications is in line with the company’s goal of offering expert financial management tips. But these publications under The Bauman Letter, contain the editors personalized and high-quality tips that covers aspects like wealth management, legal, investment, and personal management. In other words, the advisory features taps the economist career of Ted Bauman and his personal experiences to provide superior content.

Apart from the Bauman Letter and the Alpha Stock Alert, Ted is active in the Plan B Club. The club gives readers tips of how to acquire a secondary citizenship or plan an overseas move. As a course of its kind, Plan B Club shares detailed knowledge on settling overseas and utilizing new opportunities. Members of this club also have a 12 month access to the Bauman Letter, Visit Ted Bauman at to know more

About Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman started his Banyan Hill Publishing career in 2013. He acquired economist qualifications from the US before moving to South Africa in the 1980’s. He was involved in various missions in Africa including an implementation struggle of Post-apartheid policies and consultations (a role he also played in Europe).

From 2008, Ted Bauman has been working in the US. He began as a director at an Atlanta-based non-profit organization. He is credited with using economic expertise and international knowledge to give market insights to readers, from a different angle. Learn more:




Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Plastic Surgeon who has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery trained in Cosmetic Surgery. Actively involved in the luxurious American Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, as well as being a member of the American College of Surgeons. She is currently serving as Commissioner of Communications and in the board of directors of the ASAPS (American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

She has been regarded as among the Super Doctors in Texas since 2014 and in 2016 was among the Top Doctors in Castle Connelly’s list. Dr. Jennifer Walden was chosen to be part of an invite-only Association of American plastic surgeons, a society recognized as the highest in the plastic surgery industry. She was the Woman of the Year runner-up in 2016 which was a South Central Texas fundraising campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society was held on June 4th at the yearly award gala event taking place at the AT & Conference Center in Austin. The event that saw: Amanda Bush as the woman of the year, and Billy Snelson as the man of the year.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has received tremendous reviews in her career from some of the most prominent in the society. Some of the reviews she has received such as from RateMDs is the punctuality of her staff, kindness and precise. Her firm leaves patients with an incredible experience which has aided her with the massive flow of clients. She is given a five star and comes highly recommended by Vitals for her fantastic work on a patient’s chin implant and rhinoplasty.

In another review, Dr. Jennifer Walden sourpusses all expectations by conducting a corrective fat transfer that fellow surgeons were unable to perform. She has also been involved with various charity organizations as well as mission trips to El Salvador and San Salvador.

Lawrence Bender’s Involvement with Al Gore and Quentin Tarantino

Lawrence Bender is a multi-time winner of Academy Awards, but he isn’t an actor. He is a film producer. Bender has worked on films like Good Will Hunting, with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, and he worked on Pulp Fiction, starring Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta.

Lawrence Bender also frequently takes on the role of host, welcoming people into his home for the purpose of charitable fundraising parties. In addition to his awards and accolades in the film industry, Bender has been honored many times for his altruistic deeds. Once, in honor of his actions towards humanitarian causes, Bender was welcomed back to his college to receive an honorary degree.

As with most movie producers, Lawrence Bender’s role in Hollywood has mostly went unnoticed. However, without Bender’s presence in the film industry, movie fans would likely never have seen a Tarantino film. When Tarantino was shopping around Reservoir Dogs, movie studios were questioning the script and the violence, but Lawrence Bender jump on board as producer.

Reservoir Dogs was Tarantino and Bender’s first production together and the start of a long business partnership. The two film icons created A Band A Part Productions and created nearly a dozen films together. The last film to ever be credited to A Band A Part, despite the production companies disbandment years earlier, was Inglourious Basterds. This film was the last co-production of Bender and Tarantino.

Lawrence Bender has since went his own path, working in television on Earthsea and contributing to Netflix’s growing library with Seven Seconds. Bender has also produced documentaries with Al Gore, and watched as the former Vice President of the United States was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in raising climate change awareness.

Clayton Hutson On How To Set Up An Amazing Concert

Clayton Hutson is joined forces with some of the most popular musician on tour as a producer, manager, and designer of concerts. He started his own company after branching out as a former employee at another firm and has never looked back ever since. He has worked big time musicians such as Pink, Guns N’ Roses, and Kid Rock to name a few. He even helped OneRepublic’s Civic Tour in Asia and North America as an operator of their automatic rigging system. In addition to that Clayton Hutson worked in North America, Australia, and Europe as a monitor engineer for Garbage’s “Bleed Like Me” world tour back in 2005.


He bring his ideas to life with new concepts, sets, designs, and audio to create a concert that is truly amazing. Since Clayton’s business have attracted the likes of big musicians, it’s purely from a solid reputation. He works incredibly hard and that includes long hours into the night when others would simply give up. Mr. Hutson meticulously checks everything several times to make sure everything runs smoothly. Clayton says that attention to detail is very important and can turn a show from ordinary to incredible. It also means the difference between problems and a smooth running show. The audio engineer usually starts his day before anyone makes it on the set to do his routinely checkup. This means drawing up lists, checking all the equipment, and preparing the team for a flawless show. Clayton Hutson will also stay on the set later than anyone else to make sure everything is taken care of.


Clayton Hutson lives in New York City but is originally from Glendale, California. He decided to go to college and attended Central Michigan University. There he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA) In Technical Production and Theatre Design. Wanting to continue his education Mr. Hutson earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Learn more:


His hopes are to become a well known television and film actor so in his free time Clayton Hutson attends auditions. So far he has appeared in several TV commercials and has been an extra on movie sets. This experience will set him up to know what it is truly like to work as an actor. Mr. Hutson’s hobbies include collecting hats from all over the world and watching the Los Angeles Lakers play, his hometown basketball team.

A partner in fore trading; Netpicks

Mark Soberman is the founder of Netpicks Company. The company was established in 1996 and since then has continued to thrive in the forex trading and educational training ( Almost over two decades now, Netpicks has been offering guidance to individual willing to invest in currency trading, forex trading. To most people, forex trading seems to be a complicated concept. However, with the right information and strategies, it would turn out to be an investment worthwhile. Netpicks has made it happen for many traders. They are based at Irving, Texas.

Forex market is a 24hr market. Through live signal services provided Netpicks, traders can trade currencies in the various city across the world. Be it in London, Tokyo, Sydney, Paris or New York. It makes it possible to trade in the available market anytime a particular market closes. They are various ways in which traders can choose to trade forex. One of the most opted ways is Spot trading which means trading at moment notice. In this kind of trade, they are no predetermined possibilities. Traders make decisions based on the real-time updates from the system.

The system continuously notifies trader on various updates and advancements in the market hence timing becomes a crucial factor on whether you lose or gain. Alternatively, a trader can also choose to trade in the future and forward markets. Traders often trade currency pairs as the market is known to be extremely liquid. Trade volume can move up to around $5.2 trillion on a particular day. Additionally, it is much safer to use major currency combination in trading like EUR and JPY, GBP and USD among other rather than “exotic” pairs because of the high-risk factor involved in their transactions. Popular currency pairs are highly liquid and hence preferred by most investors. Constant market updates always create vast opportunities for trading.

More reading on

It is in this context that Netpicks comes in to offer advice to traders on the risk factors and on various strategies that one can use to realize a fruitful trade. Trades are advised to start with a small and unbudgeted amount of money.

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All You Need to Know About Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks have been around since roughly 2013. The company was launched as a way for ordinary people to earn thousands of dollars in corporation-issued money. These corporations are tied to the gas and oil industries, that look for investors who are willing to put money into their efforts. When someone invests into the company’s stock, they will then issue money back on their earnings. There have been people who have used Freedom Checks who have received tens of thousands of dollars simply by investing a few hundred dollars into the company’s stock. Read this article at Money Morning.

The company was founded by Matt Badiali, who is an expert in mining, agricultural and oil production industries. He has worked with these organizations since his career started in 2002 and has since found a program that essentially guarantees money for those who simply invest a small amount into the leading fuel energy producers and providers throughout the world. It’s been estimated that these organizations will be paying out over $34.6 million USD in the next year in the form of Freedom Check. These checks are only issued to investors who have put money into the stock, and the more money you put into a particular company, the more money you get back. In fact, one person who has made use of the Freedom Checks program made a whopping $145,000 in his first year.

To make money off of these Freedom Check options, you’ll need to subscribe to their newsletter to learn valuable trade secrets that guarantee money back with a small one-time investment. The newsletter is written and produced by Matt Badiali himself, who is an expert in both investing and entrepreneurial strategies. Unlike other programs that require a huge startup fee with little to nothing in return, Freedom Checks teaches you ways to invest in multi-billion dollar corporations and companies that are looking to give away their profits as a tax write-off.

Due to the nature of the company, many people wonder if it’s a legitimate option to earn cash from home. Thankfully, Freedom Check gets thousands of positive reviews with photos of people holding up their huge corporation-issued checks. The checks are valid and can be deposited into any checking or savings account with a trusted bank. With over 586 companies willing and waiting to give away their overage profits, it’s time for you to take advantage of Freedom Checks and start earning your own investment money. Visit: