UKV PLC Wines is a wine company that buys and sells the best international fine wines and champagnes from France, Italy, and Spain. Many of their clients have private wine cellars and large collections of wine with the most well known labels in the world. Their wines and champagnes are investment quality.

The company works with a large network of vendors and traders. They provide private consultation in person or over the phone to clients. They store their wines in optimal conditions in warehouses with humidity and temperature control.

Their staff will consult with clients and help them determine the value of their wine collection, Customer can send them a list of the wines they own They determine the value according to the current global market. When clients want to sell their wine collections UKV PLC wines offer a number of special services

UKV PLC Wines will list wines on their wine stock list. They can sell wines to their large list of brokers, traders and clients too. When clients want to buy wines they have a large stock. They have Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italian, Spanish and Champagne. Their wine consultants will recommend the best wines available in each category.

Customers can meet with a wine consultant to learn more about the wines they sell. They can book an appointment through the website to come to their London office or Surrey office. They sell wine and champagne glasses,and decanters too.

Visit the UKV PLC Wines website or call 0207 4718030 to learn more about buying or selling wines.

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FreedomPop Finally Presents Freedom from Cell Phone Bills

Paying a cell phone bill is no laughing matter. A lot of people have found themselves in positions where they are not able to pay their bills in a timely manner. Some people cannot even pay their bills at all. The cell phone has become something that people need for communication purposes. Fortunately, there are companies with founders that realize the serious discrepancies between the cost of cell phones and the salaries that consumers make. One such company that has become a savior to those that are constrained with cell phone bills is FreedomPop.


The customer that is trying to cut out the cell phone bill will notice that FreedomPop is the best way to do this. There is a lot of interest in what this company can do with home Internet service and free smart phone service as well. There are tons of consumers that are willing to make the switch after they see a FreedomPop review on this phone service. The free data plan includes 500MB every month. This also comes with about 200 minutes of free talk time and 500 text messages. This is idea for the person that uses the phone for a couple of quick calls and a few text messages.


There was a time when people only used cell phones for emergencies. They didn’t have a desire to do anything else with phones. These people still exist. It is just that the plans for these customers do not exist anymore. The average cell phone users spends about $50 to $60 a month on data on unlimited calling even if they classify as one of the “emergency only” phone users. That is why consumers are feeling the crunch. They are finding themselves in a place where they are paying for those things that they don’t even need. This is the sad part about getting locked into a contract. FreedomPop gives people the chance to bring their own phones in, and there are no contracts.


The flexibility of a plan like what FreedomPop offers cannot be overlooked. It doesn’t matter if you have a good contract with the company that you are currently paying for monthly service. Everyone can benefit from free service. This what FreedomPop offers, and that is why this company is standing out. It is a lifeguard for customers that are drowning in the sea of cell phone overages fees.

Ways to get to the land of opportunity by Danilo Diaz Granados

Many people around the world harbor the astounding dream of one day making their way to the US, the land of opportunities. However, to the majority of the dreamers, it remains just a dream. The reason for the unfulfilled dream is the belief that it’s hard to gain entry into the US. Danilo Diaz Granados, a prominent Hispanic speaker living in Miami and a member of the Corporate Advisory Board of Fireman Capital Partners, offers some useful hints on how to make your way into America.

It is no secret that most of the successful founders in the US are immigrants: Sergey Brin of Google, Steve Chen of YouTube and Andrew Grove of Intel, among many others. You may want to know how they got to the US. Well, there are several ways open to you.

One common way of getting to the US is through a visa. According to Danilo Diaz Granados, there are several kinds of visas you can explore depending on your situation. If you have $1 million, you could apply for a visa as a foreign investor. The authorities may easily allow you in because you are going to do business. However, if you can’t raise such an enormous amount, you can try an employment visa if you have exceptional skills required there.

You can also enter the US on a treaty investor visa if you have $100,000. Alternatively, you can seek an L1 visa if you are a senior manager of a company in your homeland and they wish to send you to the United States. If you are not a senior manager, you can take an employee visa, H-1B. You may also consider taking the B-1 visa which allows you to do business in the US for a period of up to 6 months. Danilo Diaz Granados; however, states that this permit can only be renewed for 6 months.

Finally, there is a special visa for nascent companies although it has not been ratified yet. The permit requires changes to the US immigration law so as to allow entrepreneurs to settle in the US if they can raise $100,000 and employ at least 2 American citizens in their business.

The Unlikely Partnership of Don Ressler & Adam Goldenberg


TechStyle co-founders and co-CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg set out to redefine the fashion e-commerce industry and have since done quite a remarkable job of it. The two are driven by passion combined with fun and interaction with their customers making their products even more accessible. The company is the parent company of JustFab, FabKids, Fabletics and ShoeDazzle. They know how to spot and set trends in the ever-changing industry thus build an exceptional brand and hence growing their business. JustFab is referred to as a ’unicorn’ by the media since it was esteemed at $1 billion by investors making it Silicon Valley’s most sought-after achievement.


At the age of 15, Adam founded his first company, Gamers Alliance, which he sold three years later to Intermix Media. He then quit high school and moved from his hometown to join Intermix as the vice president of strategic planning. He was later on promoted to Chief Operating Officer which made him the youngest COO of any publicly traded company. During this time, he met Don Ressler, an entrepreneur and brand building specialist who had also sold his company to Intermix Media. They became fast friends, and when Intermix got acquired by News Corporation, they set up their company and created an e-commerce brand incubator platform, Intelligent Beauty. Which is an industry leader? As they established numerous brands ranging from health to beauty market leaders, the hypothesized a new kind of modified shopping experience that would exist online. They combined social dealings with pioneering fashion but at affordable prices.


After the success of Intelligent Beauty, the two went ahead and created TechStyle in 2010 which was originally JustFab.Inc. The brand focused on online fashion retailing by bringing a new perception of handbags, fashion equipment, shoes, jewelry, and denim. The brand offers subscription services to everyone who wants to shop at a discounted price. TechStyle greatly relies on data-driven marketing which enables more engagement with the customers hence creating brand loyalty. They made the decision to have their headquarters in El Segundo since it was near the international airport, was close to the beach and had a lot of space when they decided to expand. The company received funding from Us venture capital firm Matrix Partners then later received more from Rho Venture and Technology Crossover Ventures that facilitated the expansion of operations across the globe.

Fabletics and A New Years Resolution

It’s the time of year where people gorge on sweets and treats. What happens when the holiday is over however? You go back to eating normally except for the fact that you are now 20 pounds heavier. You start the new year looking a little plumper than you once did and find yourself struggling to fit into your old pants. You take some time to head to your local store to purchase more pants because the ones you already have no longer button up. If this is you, you should know about a fairly new membership called Fabletics.

Fabletics was conceived by Kate Hudson who wanted to make sure that more people are comfortable when working out. If you worked out previously and found it hard to move around in your clothing, you would have benefited from the Fabletics yoga wear. Sure, you can go purchase any old pair of yoga pants but what if you want something a bit more special? If you do, Fabletics is what you need.

The yoga wear made by Fabletics is made to be specifically form fitting. It knows exactly where to hug and hold and knows just the right place to let air into in order to keep you breathing properly for yoga. During yoga, you will use not only your muscles but will practice breathing exercises. The breathing exercises are used to keep you balanced and centered when doing yoga. Yoga has been a exercise routine that is similar to meditation. You want to remain calm when doing yoga or you will become off balanced and can pull something or fall over when in the middle of downward dog.

If you find yourself difficult to maintain a good position in yoga, you might be in need of new clothing. If so, you want to look at Fabletics. You will receive a new membership package as soon as you pay the one time fee of $25 dollars. You will make this payment and receive your first outfit from the company. Once you have received the new outfit, you can either continue your membership or you might want to discontinue depending on how the clothes fit you. Before leaving the membership altogether however, you might want to give another outfit a try. You should be able to exchange the outfit that didn’t fit you the right way and get a new outfit that is slightly bigger or smaller depending on what you need. Once you receive the next outfit, if then you are not happy, you may then discontinue your membership. Its really simple to join and its really simple to leave if your not satisfied.

The Midas Legacy Helps With The Road To Fulfillment And Enlightement

Many people have many different goals. While it is common for people to have goals for financial independence. There is another common goal for people. This goal is personal fulfillment and enlightenment. This is one of the most important goals for some people. However, a lot of agencies do not help with this. As a result, they are left with nowhere to go in order to receive the help they need when it comes to other issues that are not related to finances. However, they do realize that these issues are related to finances after all. Therefore, they have to look for someone that could help them with that.

One of the companies that could help them achieve enlightenment is The Midas Legacy. They not only are willing to help people with their finances, but they are also willing to offer information on plenty of other pursuits that are seemingly unrelated to financial independence, but are actually very helpful. The Midas Legacy has information that people could read on topics like realizing full potential. When someone is able to realize his full potential, then he is going to make a lot of impact in his world. He is also going to succeed greatly in saving money,

Among other things that The Midas Legacy is willing to help with is making investments and running a business. The experts are willing to work with people in coming up with business plan and a good business model.

When it comes to investing, there are a lot of experts that are willing and able to help their clients learn all of the different aspects of investing. Among the different aspects of investing they learn is money management. This is very important when it comes to making investments. People have poor money management skills tend to lose all of the money they put into the market. There are also many different types of investing that people could learn about which include putting money into a savings account and letting it gain interest over time. The Midas Legacy has plenty of options for people that are looking to improve their lives.

George Soros Injects Millions Into The U.S. Criminal Justice Reform Campaigns

Political donors are focused on putting their wealth on mighty presidential and congressional candidates. However, the Democratic super-donor, George Soros, has shifted his eyes to the 2016’s under-the-radar campaign to reshape the justice system of America. Justice is regarded as one of the core values of the progressive movement. George Soros is a traditional supporter of Hispanic and African-American candidates. He supports those whose campaigns run on agendas like reducing racial disparities through directing some of drug criminals to diversion programs instead of putting them to trial. George Soros has been involved in different community activities. He stands for values that impact positively on the society.

The mega-financier has invested over $3 million into seven campaigns of the local district attorney in six states in a year. This value is more than the total amount that his major competitor donors have spent on presidential campaigns in 2016. This act is a major milestone in his effort to identify and support contests that aim to bring reform in the American criminal justice system. His objective is to finance these candidates and enable them to secure positions that have been occupied for long. In addition, he seeks to support individuals that serve as connections to the federal courts. George Soros has also financed district attorney campaigns in Illinois, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas, and Mississippi. This will be done through a national 527 unlimited-money group and a network of super PACs of the state level. According to information provided by the federal finance records and public state, George Soros gives money to the organizations directly. However, some receive funds from non-profit groups.

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Due to high hostilities experienced in different initiatives that George Soros supports like criminal justice reform, religious tolerance and immigration reform, he has actively engaged in politics in 2016. This was evident in his firm willingness to support Hillary in order to beat Trump, a man he claimed works with ISIS by instilling fear into people. After spending aggressively in 2004, in an effort to beat George Bush, Soros maintained a low profile but he has reemerged as the top donor in 2016’s campaigns. The billionaire committed over $25 million to support Hillary Clinton, including other Democratic causes and candidates. This is according to information given by his associates during interviews and information provided in the Federal Election Commission records. Views from some of his associates indicate that Soros was expected to give even more towards the elections.

His overwhelming donations were not only influenced by his willingness to beat Trump, but his good friendship with Hillary Clinton. He has known Hillary for over 25 years. At one time, George Soros planned to attend the Democratic Convention to witness her accept the nomination, but failed due to other commitments. His strong faith in Hillary Clinton has also motivated him to give more towards the cause. As an active trader, George has always been monitoring Europe’s economic situation. He made a fortune of $24.9 billion from risky currency trades. George is a consistent financier of Democratic contests.

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Smart Investing Methods Have Taken David Osio To Incredible Heights

David Osio is a well known figure in the investment as well as real estate industry today, and he has been able to achieve an amazing level of success over his career and become one of the wealthiest men in South America. He is also the CEO for Davos Financial, which is a firm that is focused on help clients with money management, make better investment decisions, and be more informed on the real estate market. It has always been David’s determination to go above and beyond that has set him apart and allowed him to become as successful as he is, not to mention a leader in the real estate market.


There are many people out there on the look out for quick ways into the industry, or the secrets to becoming successful quicker, and while it is possible to get rich over night with investing, often times that’s not the case. While highly lucrative, the investment industry is always very risky, which is why David also advocates for the slow and steady approach. This is how he has done it for many years. By looking towards the future and choosing the right path to get there, David has become extremely successful.


Luckily, David is also very conscious about giving back with the success he has gained. Even his company get’s involved, on top of their services to their clients. Not too long ago, David’s company also released a new application for their clients to help them make better investment decisions on real estate even when they are out and about, which will help them stay informed at all times.


David’s knowledge is highly sought after due to his impressive portfolio of success, and he is a strong preacher of playing things conservatively. He thinks too many people are trying to get rich quick, especially without the proper knowledge, and come up short in the end, as opposed to taking the safe road with investments and building wealth over time.

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How To Acquire And Keep A Great Reputation Online

By now, most people have seen or at least heard of the hit television show Scandal, in which a glamorous, attractive “reputation management firm” keeps Washington D.C.’s elite out of trouble. Although the program is fictional and its cases a bit over the top, it’s loosely based on a real life “reputation manager” and her company. But if real life reputation managers and their ilk aren’t really dealing with rogue politicians and shadow conspiracies, what are some tasks that they handle, and who truly are their clients? A good example of such a firm that focuses on online dealings is Status Labs. Why does this company focus on building, improving, and correcting digital identities and impressions?

The internet has gone from being a novelty to the way most individuals get, exchange, and process information. On the plus side, this is done with lightning fast speed and is capable of reaching a global audience. On the negative side, this also allows both perceptions and misperceptions to be reached quickly. The digital highway’s lack of a human touch makes it more difficult to correct these issues. All internet information can go “viral” or spreads from site to site very quickly. And many websites are disturbingly prone to intrusion. This means that a company’s message and work can be stolen or distorted, leading to an erosion of public trust, that easily can have a negative effect on business.

Status Labs helps customers project the best internet image possible in one of two ways. First, they work with clients to make their targeted audiences aware of their brands, their products, and why those products are so important to them. Secondly, Status Labs staff monitors major search engine sites continuously for activity concerning clients. When detrimental information surfaces, Status Labs pushes it into the depths of the internet, and makes sure that positive, accurate information on it is the first thing that searchers will see when they go looking for it.

The company was created in 2012 by Darius Fisher and Jesse Boskoff who have strong roots in political consulting and marketing in addition to business entrepreneurship. The company quickly took off, and now has thousands of employees, working in thirty offices around the world. Like the gang from Scandal, Status Labs has worked with politicians in addition to Fortune 500 businesspeople, as well as “little people” like Melissa Click. A University of Missouri communications professor, Click got caught in a firestorm of bad publicity both online and off in the winter of 2016. Her confrontation with a student journalist while handling crowd control was captured on video and made her look like an angry bully. She not only received much bad press, she was suspended and ultimately fired from her teaching position.

But Status Labs worked with Click in preparing a series of video apologies and interviews, and today Click is employed at another university. Status Labs has helped Click and many others with techniques like search engine optimization (SEO), meta data, and Google AdWords, and they continue to help thousands more overcome misunderstandings and regain lost reputations, one mouse click at a time.

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The Qi Group’s Vijay Eswaran Sees His Company Rise To Global Fame

The global approach to business is not something that is often associated with the direct sales industry, but the QI Group under the leadership of CEO and founder Vijay Eswaran has become one of the world’s best respected and recognized companies. QI was formed in 1998 in Malaysia and has quickly spread its reach across Asia and various parts of the world, particularly with a move into India that has seen a large amount of the manufacturing process for the products of the group moved to the country in a bid to capitalize on the success it has achieved on the Indian sub-continent.

One of the major reasons for the success of the QI Group has been the willingness of Vijay Eswaran to work with new technologies and e-commerce platforms that have added a new dimension to the work of members of the direct sales industry. Thinking outside of the traditional direct sales industry box has paid high dividends for the QI Group and Vijay Eswaran after the company made its first steps into the market by specializing in precious metals when the rights to sell coins commemorating the 2000 Sydney Olympics were awarded to the company and proved a great success.

The global approach of the QI Group is something Vijay Eswaran is rightly proud of as he discusses the many different ways his company is also looking to give back to the people of Malaysia and the wider world; Eswaran’s company has always had an eye on the use of green energy and practices, such as the paperless way the company is run and its extensive use of solar power. In the 21st century, the next level of development will be seen for the QI Group when the QI City is completed that will include the current university run by Vijay Eswaran’s company that will soon be joined by shopping options and an extensive medical system.