The Astonishing Use Of Trabuco In War

Trabucos were quite common during the medieval era. These powerful weapons were used during that period to cause major destructions. Trabucos were quite common during the middle age since they were massive weapons. Trabucos were employed to throw objects against enemies. The weapons were mostly used to destroy masonry work.

The Chinese are said to be the originators of Trabuco according to The weapon became quite popular in Europe due to its extensive use during the crusader’s era. During that time, it was regarded as the most terrific war machine. However, Trabuco is not sophisticated as compared to mangonels, catapults, ballistae among others. The operations, as well as mechanisms of Trabuco, were quite simple. The weapon was simple to build. Additionally, maintenance was quite cheap bearing in mind that it could be made within a short time and cheap materials were used. The weapon was impressive because it could through heavy projectiles. Other similar weapons such as catapults could not throw heavy missiles as compared to the Trabuco. Due to such features, Trabuco became very popular in different parts of Asia and Europe according to

To throw a huge material, the Trabuco uses gravitational potential which is converted to kinetic energy. The counterweight size determines the force that is used to launch a projectile. This implies that a large counterweight can be used to initiate a strong projectile. Energy from the Trabuco is lost in the form of heat and sound.


Two types of Trabuco were used during that period. The first one was the tensile Trabuco which depended on a human operator. The effort side had a tight rope tied to it. The operator was supposed to pull the cord. Wu Jing Yao de Zong was the largest Trabuco that has ever been documented. The Trabuco was used to hurl huge rocks that weighed as much as 140 pounds. Astonishingly, this enormous Trabuco was operated by as many as 250 people. Four shots could be made in a minute using the tensile Trabuco.

Later on, advancements were made thus resulting in the hybrid Trabuco. The hybrid Trabuco was similar to the tensile Trabuco but had a weight on the effort bar. This type of modification was done to ensure that the Trabuco was much stronger and that it could reach a greater distance. The first operation that was done using the hybrid Trabuco was documented in Egypt. This Trabuco was used to destroy the huge walls of Damietta city.

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Dr. David Samadi Is A Urologist You Can Count On

David Samadi’s Hometown And Education

Dr. David Samadi grew up in Iran until his teenage years. After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, he moved to Belgium and London to attend school for a while and then he finally came to the United States. Dr.Samadi graduated high school in Roslyn, NY. After his graduation, Dr. Samadi attended the Stony Brook University on a full scholarship where he studied biochemistry. After his bachelor’s Dr. Samadi attended Stony Brook University’s School of Medicine to become a doctor. Dr. Samadi took on additional training in proctology at Montefiore Medical Center and oncology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He is world renowned for his success in urology.

David Samadi’s SMART Technique

Dr. David Samadi developed a unique SMART surgical procedure after his years of experience mastering his successful robotic surgery method. The SMART procedure stands for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique. The purpose of this procedure is to improve sexual function and urinary control results. What makes technique even more special is that Dr. Samadi personally performs the surgery from beginning to end.

David Samadi TV

In late 2017 Dr. David Samadi announced that he would be starting a TV show that will air once a well called Sunday Housecall. It is an online show and streams on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as well as He will be talking about current healthcare issues, nutrition and exercise. He will also be featuring guests on his show to speak on both mental and physical health issues. He especially welcomes medical professionals that have a peer-reviewed medical product or treatment. Some of his shows highlights men’s or women’s health issues.

David Samadi Acknowledgements

Dr. David Samadi has completed over 7,000 successful surgeries. He prefers to keep a small circle of patients so that he can give the required amount of care to each individual. He shares his research findings at conferences and special events. His work can be found online and is featured in popular medical journals. Dr. Samadi has been said to be one of the most promising urologists of the future.

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Have You Tasted the Newest Unique Coffee in Town by OG?

In the current market, you must be creative in using the existing products and viewing them in a way others are not. In the market, there are people who see the opportunities and relax while others see the same opportunity and fasten the implementation. That’s the difference between the successful and the upcoming business people. Meet the CEO who started Organo Gold (OG) in 2008 from his marketing expertise and the company has grown to be one of the best in the beverages industry. His name is Bernardo Chua.

Using the most important components of marketing business models, Mr. Bernardo designed OG to sell those convenient yet premium products that supplement lifestyle like coffee, tea, and some supplements. OG traces its origin from Vancouver, British Columbia with an aim of introducing Ganoderma to the Western World. What is Ganoderma? Well, this is a type of herb that was used mostly in the traditional Asian medicines. Learn more at

OG focuses on infusing this herb into one of the most popular beverage by name Coffee. Mr. Chua was wondering how he can make this medicinal herb part of people’s daily intake, and fortunately, he found coffee which is a daily intake drink for many. Due to the awesome flavor of the upgraded coffee, OG sells its products in over 50 countries and you can order yours today and taste the feeling.

Mr. Bernardo Chua has been the CEO of Orgado Gold since 2008 and has taken it to levels as one of the best network-marketing corporations. As a matter of fact, the company has received numerous awards including the People’s Choice Awards for being the “Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee” and for being the “Number 1 Global Network Marketing Company.” All this success is attributable to Mr. Chua for spearheading the company to these great heights.

The successful Bernardo Chua has also received numerous Awards like the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan Awards in 2015 for being an “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur” in his fastest spreading network marketing companies globally. It goes without mentioning that Mr. Chua received Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal. OG has a very strong business connection with Napoleon Hill Foundation. Learn more:


Fortress Investment Group Has A History Of Success

The global fiscal markets are large and extend all around the world. From London to New York to Tokyo, capital markets have outlets in many places. Global capital is always chasing the best possible returns. Savvy investors understand how to attract capital, manage it and keep it. One such company is Fortress Investment Group. This company is widely noted as one of the world’s most successful companies in a very highly competitive market. Over the last two decades since the company’s founding staffers here have demonstrated how to harness global capital and create something of lasting value. This hedge fund is one that seen tremendous growth and even greater success. The aim of the company has been to provide value to their investors and help grow the client’s overall wealth.

Offices All Over The World

In order to help capture the changing nature of global capital, Fortress Investment Group has offices all over the world. Their offices are found in many cities such as Philadelphia and Hong Kong as well as countries such as Italy and Singapore. Providing leadership means keeping a close eye on potential market investments. Roughly a decade ago, they went public. Doing so has allowed them to continue to find capital talent and reach out to investors in markets that have a great deal of growth potential. This lead to a highly successful initial public offering that was greeted happily by the public. Many money mangers realized that it would make a very good addition to their portfolio of companies.

Many Areas of Expertise

Part of the reason why investors were so anxious to be part of their company is that Fortress Investment Group offers many areas of core competency. Core competencies are areas of specialty that help company officials offer expert advice in varied parts of the fiscal sectors. These markets include liquid investments that make it easy for investors to get access to ready cash as needed. The company also has many other areas of impressive competence. Traditional asset management is a skill that is just as relevant as ever in today’s modern marketplace of ideas.

Working There

Employees of Fortress Management Group have a lot to say about working there. One of the many things that employees love about being part of this team are the company’s many varied opportunities for professional development. They appreciate that company officials and supervisors push their employees to continue to expand their personal education and their grasp of the world fiscal markets. Staffers also appreciate the fact that the company offers the chance to be appropriately compensated. They know that it is possible to be compensated according to how hard they work and what they are really ultimately worth in the market for talent. As a result, many employees continue to demonstrate enormous loyalty to the Fortress Investment Group. They see a great deal of room for expansion and for many ways to help them grow the financial career they want.

NetPicks, the giants of Forex trade knowledge

NetPicks was founded in 1996 and has proven to be the giants of Forex trading. It started as online trading as well as day trading venture ( Currently, NetPicks has become the gold standard in the provision of the trading training. The company deals with the variety of online strategies including systems, signals, Stocks, Forex, Options as well as the ETFs done in day trading together with swing trading. NetPicks focuses on aiding and supporting the regular traders to achieve the success and large strides in the markets.

NetPicks has a well-trained staff headed by Mark Soberman, which has the real trading qualification which has brought a wealth of trading experience to the company and the market at large. NetPicks has its headquarters in Irving, Texas.

NetPicks which is an online trading and strategy company believes that FX trading regarding currency pairs allows the traders to invest regarding the price movements of the currencies. The company urges that Forex Trades are significantly based on the speculation and probability basing on the currency pair price increasing or reducing. Forex trading is also referred as FX trading, currency trading, or foreign exchange trading.

FX trading provides the traders with the chances to trade the currency pairs specifically in a decentralized market. Traders may trade with the aid of the charts as well as live signal services offered by the NetPicks Company ( Forex market is always open for 24 hours making it easy for traders to trade from their convenient cities. For instance, when the New York foreign exchange closes, Sydney provides an opportunity to those who are trading the currency pairs. While when the market closes in Sydney, another market in European countries opens giving traders another chance to trade.

Most traders prefer spot trading. However, traders may also trade through forward markets as well as future markets. NetPicks has helped business owners who prefer trading via futures and forward markets as they hedge their risks. The company has gained the reputation over the years since they believe in the core value of helping their clients to achieve their trading dreams. NetPicks always advise the traders always to determine and evaluate the risk factors of the currency pairs chosen prior to making trades.

The woes of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Jim Larkin is the Chief Executive Officer of the Village Voice Media. Michael Lacey is the Executive Editor of the same company. These two men were ‘abducted’ from their homes by unregistered Sports utility vehicles. These were orders that had been passed by the sheriff. Joe Arpaio, America’s Toughest Sherriff” as he liked to refer to himself, was the mastermind behind all this. He felt exposed when Jim Larkin a well as Michael Lacey began publishing his wrongdoings. He was against the Latino as well as the Hispanic settlement in Arizona. He did all that he could to have them detained and were treated very badly despite being innocent

Michael Lacey and Jim Larking had been arrested on the eighteenth of October in the year 2007. Their illegal detention was cut short by the public masses when they united to make an outcry. This outcry made their detention to be dropped within twenty-four hours. The anti-immigrant sheriff was using counterfeit warrants through the grand jury. These warrants were being given to him by a prosecutor who wanted nothing but revenge.

What pushed Sheriff Joe Arpaio is when the two diligent men reported that media personalities, be they writers or editors were a target of a special prosecution group or team which made the grand jury. This was published in the Phoenix New Times. The sheriff had favor with the authorities. This is how he even got his seat after his term was far over.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had been letting in the public on secrets of how the Latinos and the Hispanics were being treated when they were detained. Arresting someone due to somewhat suspicion was not reason enough to detain someone. It is not only inhumane but also unconstitutional. Learn more:

Jim Larkin, as well as Michael Lacey, were released twenty-four days after detention. Due to the unlawful act, the two filed a lawsuit against the Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. The lawsuit was listened to and was settled at three million, seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

In the course of the same year,2013, Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, was convicted of criminal contempt. The two former executives of Village Voice Media, Jim Larkin, and Michael Lacey, have formed a special fund. It is christened Frontera Fund. This fund is used to aid organizations that care for the rights of immigrants as well as to the immigrants themselves. They used the money that the Joe Arpaio had paid them to start this fund. It is however limited to Arizona. Not only have they done this philanthropic deed but also intend to instigate a website that they have called, Front Page Confidential.

The website aims at covering possible ultimatums to free speech in Arizona as well as in the United States of America. This website gets over fifty-six million viewers on a monthly basis. This has made them get honors after honors in the journalism field of work. One of the awards is the coveted Pulitzer Prize.

Bumble’s CEO Whitney Wolfe Is Involved In Another Legal Battle With Her Rival Tinder

Many organizations have rivals that they would rather do without. Sports teams have rivalries that could potentially upset their season, some school kids have rivalries with other students and Tinder, the online dating site, has a rivalry Bumble. Whitney Wolfe is the leading figure at Bumble, but she used to be a team player at Tinder. Now, that she’s running her own show; Tinder wants to shut her down once and for all. Wolfe refuses to victimized by Tinder. As a result of her actions, she is now being sued by Tinder’s parent company Match Group.

The basis for this law suit has to do with Bumble’s network technology. Bumble is a unique dating site that puts women first. On this site, a man cannot approach a woman for anything at all. Once a guy joins Bumble, he has to wait until a woman approaches him to start a conversation. This site also allows women to “friend zone” guys as well. They simply have to employ the site’s BFF feature to accomplish this task. Even though the site is designed primarily for the advantage of females, it is doing quite well. There are 22 million people using Bumble.

The execs over at Tinder and Match Group realize that Bumble is quickly becoming a premiere online dating venture. They wanted to buy Whitney Wolfe’s organization for $450 million dollars. She said no to their offer. She even wrote a blog about “swiping left” to Tinder and Match Group. The CEO does care for all of the headaches and problems this company has caused in her career. Remember that Wolfe left Tinder after being sexually harassed and experiencing gender discrimination. She sued her former company in a lawsuit and won. Since that time, Tinder has been coming back against her.

A rivalry does exist between Tinder and Bumble. Tinder wants Bumble to stop using its patented technology which Bumble denies this claim. Whitney Wolfe wants to be free from Tinder’s harassment of her company. Both sides are a part of a rival that they probably wish never existed at all. Whitney Wolfe and her Bumble team members are hoping that this rivalry with Tinder will eventually become a thing of the past.

Managing Expectations With Netpicks

There is one thing to be said about people who start out new in anything. This is something that can be known as the “fresh mindset”. When people are just getting started, they have images of the highest possibilities and expectations. After all, one thing that happens is that they read about the greatest success with people who are in the market or the activity they are trying out. It is natural that they expect to replicate this success or even go beyond it. However, when they get involved, their limitations come into play. This is one thing that can bring about some of the worst discouragement for people.

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One thing that people need to do is manage their expectations. One of the ways they can manage their expectations is by getting information about the market. One of the ways to get information is by visiting Netpicks and reading articles on what to expect from the markets of their choice. Netpicks is one of the best places for people to go when they are looking for something that is going to help them profit from the markets that they are trying to trade in. They will get honest information from Netpicks about the best strategies to use.

One of the first things that Netpicks will make clear to the user is that there are no strategies that will work like a magic bullet (  The only strategy that would work for them is to figure out a way to make the losses smaller than the gains. In this case, they would have to practice until they come up with something that will work in their favor. Other things that people are going to have to do is manage their hopes and their fear when it comes to their trades so that they can make wise choices.  For reviews, check

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The Monumental Steps Made by Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is a healthy source for hydration harvested from the spring above the Mauna Loa Volcano and filtered through the volcanic rock as it flows to the base. After 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock, it emerges infused with the essential minerals, silica, magnesium and calcium. Plus, the water has an alkaline content that makes it ideal for human consumption. Waiakea Water has an alkaline ph of 7.6 to 8.2.

Not only is Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water healthy, it is also carbon neutral. The water is harvested from a sustainable source thousands of miles away from the nearest industrial plant. The plastic bottle is now made of a product that degrades and is reabsorbed by the earth in 15 years, plus the bottle is recyclable.

Waiakea is currently the only bottled water using this new degradable plastic bottle. Every other plastic water bottle will be discarded and found in a landfill or end up as litter. Today, our Asian neighbors pollute the ocean with more than eight million tons of plastic annually. In the United States, of the 50 billion plastic bottles used only 12 billion were recycled. That means 75% of the bottles used are somewhere polluting our environment.

Since the average plastic bottle takes up to 1,000 years to degrade, we will be forced to live with this pollution for centuries. Waiakea cares about the environment. It donates three percent of its revenue to the community and non-profits. It gives a week’s supply of water to the Southeastern African country of Malawi for every bottle of water it sells. Waiakea also uses low emission vehicles to deliver its bottled water.

Waiakea makes every effort to take care of the environment and it’s making great strides toward hydrating the world with clean water. In 2018, Waiakea may be the only bottled water company embracing the new biodegradable plastic, but hopefully others will be soon to follow.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was named Inc. 500’s fastest growing companies. It has continued to represent all the positive traits that placed it in that position. It’s most substantial step has been to be the first bottled water company to use a fully biodegradable plastic bottle.,18.htm

Learn How Randal Nardone Transformed Fortress Investment Group

A time comes in life when a chief executive officer of an investment management firm goes on a leave of absence. This doesn’t mean the firm should close down and do away with whatever else it looked forward to achieving. However good any CEO of a firm was, they leave at times and a better one comes. It’s not an abnormal thing to most of the big investment firms today. This is what happened to the Fortress Investment Group when the then CEO Dan Mudd had to leave to pave way for Randal Nardone. The AUM of the Group is approximated to be $43.6 billion and Randal is the Interim CEO.

Nardone aged 55 is among the billionaires who featured in the Forbes’ magazine in 2007. His net worth was approximated at $1.8 billion. In 1998, he became the principal and co-founder of the Fortress firm. In early 2007, the IPO of the company helped him to become the billionaire. In November 2006, he was one of the directors’ board members of the investment firm. He has worked in other different places such as a USB managing director from 1997 May to May 1998. He then worked at the Financial Management or BlackRock as a principal before he joined the giant banking of Swiss. In addition, he was among the executive committee members at the Thacher Proffitt & Wood law firm and also a partner.

Randal studied at Connecticut University where he graduated with a bachelor degree in science. He later went to the School of Law at Boston University and graduated with the Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. Nardone holds many portfolios in different organizations and this confirms his credibility and expertise in the business world. He is a director of Eurocastle Investment Limited, GAGFAH S.A, Bermuda-based Alea Group Holding and Senior Living, Inc of Brookdale. Nardone serves as the Secretary and Vice President of Newcastle Investment Holdings. The units of Fortress Investment Group are three and they include principal investments, traditional asset management, and alternative asset management. In February 2007, the Group went public an initial offering of about 10.7 billion dollars. Through Randal’s great leadership, the Investment Group has scaled unimaginable heights.