Jason Hope on why he supports anti-aging research by SENS Foundation

There is hope that human life could be extended in the near future if a solution that is being worked on by an organization known as SENS Foundation goes through. The research aims at coming up with a solution that will eliminate the old age diseases. The organization is in advanced stages creating an anti-aging drug that will stop the problems that are associated with aging such as the body becoming too weak. According to the founder of this organization, Aubrey de Grey, it is not far-fetched to think that human life could be extended to 1000 years. Although he agrees that such an accomplishment may not be possible in the near future, with continued research on ways of repairing cellular damage in the human body, this may become a possibility sooner than later. There is a possibility that all the effects of aging might be eliminated at some point in time.

SENS Foundation is, however, keen to the point that although they have no plan of extending human life, it is a possibility that may happen. Their main focus is a long healthy life. The organizers want people to enjoy long lives with healthy bodies that are not affected by old age diseases.

SENS Foundation has been relying on donations from people who believe in the possibility of biotechnology being used to solve problems in the healthcare sector. One such philanthropist is Jason Hope. He is from Arizona and has spent many years in the technology sector as a commentator and an entrepreneur. He mainly works as “futurist” who studies technology trends and tries to predict what will be happening in years to come. Jason Hope is hopeful about possibilities of anti-aging research. He is hoping that it could be used to solve the problems facing the people.

Jason Hope says he supports this research because it is a new approach to addressing human diseases. Most conventional diseases only deal with treating individual diseases without addressing the real cause of the problem. The anti-aging research is going to the root cause and trying to change the situation by offering a solution that will work for all people. It is not just treating one disease but stopping all the diseases that come with age. Jason Hope in 2010 donated $500,000 which went to building a laboratory and starting research of the drug they named the “AGE Breaker.” Jason Hope believes in biotechnology being used to solve numerous problems that affect human beings, and this is just one of the initiatives he is supporting.

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