Alex Pall Leads The Chainsmokers With Creativity And A Polished Image

The majority of people understand the need for pop groups and bands to have a clearly defined image their fans can identify with but DJs have largely been able to hide behind the decks and avoid any need for a stylish look. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the creative partners making up The Chainsmokers brand have slowly been developing an image of their own and changing the playing field for their DJ counterparts in the 21st-century.

In the past, a DJ would play little part in almost every aspect of the music they produced aside from arranging the final mix of a song they had attached their name to. Alex Pall has insisted he has little time to stand behind a DJ booth and remain hidden from fans of the band who are now seeing the duo make their first efforts at providing vocals for their own songs; both Taggart and Pall have become determined The Chainsmokers should evolve into a live band as well as successful DJs touring the world.

An impressive image is always important to Alex Pall and he is happy to reveal he has become the major partner in developing a social media presence and forming the image of the band in a positive way. Pall refers to Andrew Taggart as a musical genius who he works alongside each day to create the music which has propelled The Chainsmokers to global success; the image of the band is something Alex Pall himself has worked hard to create and he spends a large amount of time each day exploring the response to the band on social media platforms such as Instagram to make sure the fans are getting exactly what they want. In creating a positive social media presence for the band, Alex Pall has been the driving force behind the continued success The Chainsmokers hope to enjoy in 2018 and beyond.