OSI, world leader

OSI group has been around since 1909. Since then, the company has grown from being a local food supplier in Aurora, Illinois to being the leading supplier of value added foods in the world. OSI sells food to food services and retail brands. Their product portfolio include: products for breakfast, side dishes, lunches, entrées, desserts and snacks. Over the years, they have built a reputation for themselves by providing its clients with high quality products.

As their reputation and client base grew, OSI opened up more offices across the globe. This helped them increase their presence around the world. They also acquired companies that deal in the same industry and share in their vision. So far they have acquired Baho foods, Tyson food industries and flagship Europe. These acquisitions have not only helped them have a greater presence around the world but also enabled them to widen their product range. In addition to the increased product range, they also have been able to penetrate markets that would have otherwise been difficult to penetrate.

Being a fast growing company, OSI has exposed its employees to competitive working conditions. Since the company is expanding fast, there is always room to move to the next level. This promises the employees growth in their careers. It also invests in the latest equipment in the market to ensure that their services are always top notch. As a result, OSI employees have the opportunity to train themselves in using some of the best equipment in the industry. This helps them better their skills as individuals and makes them very marketable in the job market.

Other than making profit and providing good work conditions to their employees, OSI has the environment at heart. More than just feeding the world, OSI is determined to keep the environment safe. For this reason, right from the boardroom level to the retail shops, OSI has integrated environmental management in every stage of its leadership. This enabled them to enter the Globe of Honour environmental competition. To successfully compete, they had to obtain a five star ratting with the officials at British Safety Council’s environmental management audit scheme for a period of over six months. This was to help determine the effectiveness of their environmental management policies. Having satisfied all the requirements of the competition laws, OSI was awarded the globe of honour in 2016 by the British Safety Council. Talk of giving back to the environment.

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