The Kind of Services That OSI Group Provides

OSI Group is a full service food processing company that prides themselves in not being a “corporate behemoth.” They feature a nice, down-home style and seek to stay true to their roots. Much like when founder Otto Kolschowsky was looking for a new way to process meat over a hundred years ago (with the result being this company), they continue to strive to operate under that same entrepreneurial spirit. They still have that same old fashioned belief that even people with the most humble beginnings can make a world of difference.

It was this commitment to food processing and safety administration processes that led the company to receive a 2016 Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council. To even be considered for the award is a prestigious honor, because a company has to achieve the maximum amount of five stars in the British Safety Council’s Environmental Management Audit. This attention to detail is what makes people proud to say they are an employee of OSI Group.

This honor was given because the OSI Group was able to demonstrate to an independent panel of experienced and highly trained experts that they had impeccable environmental management throughout all of their facilities – shop floor and boardroom alike. The OSI Group also prided itself on being able to meet one of the core criteria of the group, which was placing environmental safety on the same footing as health and other safety factors as well.

You see, the management at the OSI Group realizes that in order to have a company run as well as theirs they need strong leadership from the top. Yes, you can legislate compliance, but are you going to get the employees’ hearts into it? Probably not. However, if you inspire them to strive for the very best, you will not only get a company that wins awards such as this one but an organization with good employee morale as well. That is something we can all get behind, and definitely something to be proud of.